4 Lesbian Dating Myths that are Actually Not True

4 Lesbian Dating Myths that are Actually Not True

Being a lesbian is not easy. Accepting you as a lesbian is quite difficult not only for you but for your family as well. But, you know what's the hardest part about being a lesbian? It is to make a healthy and loving relationship with another lesbian. If you have been looking for a lesbian date but did not know how to start, be with us in this article. Get to know about common lesbian dating myths that you must ignore when dating another lesbian.

Here we go!

4 Lesbian Dating Myths Unfolded

Here are 4 most common lesbian dating myths you need to ignore. Have a look at them.

Lesbians hate men

Women who constantly complain about men are straight women, who do not get things the way they want. Hating and complaining men for their doings does not indicate that you are not interested in them or you are a lesbian. Being a lesbian is more about falling in love with another woman than a man. If you are happy with your date - lesbian date - then there is no point of talking rubbish about men because lesbians simply DON’T care.

Lesbians are good at oral sex

Being good or bad at sex is such a different thing. If one lesbian is good at giving oral sex, it does not mean that every lesbian would be doing it with same pleasure and efficiency. Every person is different and so as their stamina and interest. Just because lesbians cannot do penetrative sex, it does not mean that must be good at oral. They might be or might be not. It depends from person to person or we can say lesbian to lesbian.

Lesbian relationships don’t last longer

The founders of this myth might have assumed that without a man, no relationship can last. But, look around and you will see so many happy and loving lesbian couples who have stayed together for years. They will prove this myth totally wrong. Being in a lesbian relationship does not mean that you need to hold things tight, it’s just about showering love and care to your partner until the last breath of your life.

In lesbian dating, one has to be the “Guy”

This is so wrong. If you are a lesbian who is wearing a denim jacket and have spiky hair, people will assume you as a lesbian butch. Talking about the other side, if you are a lesbian who is wearing a nice sexy dress with a narrow cleavage, people are going to assume you as the Femme. It’s just about the perception and you cannot do anything here. It’s because of the mindset that says, if you are in a relationship, one has to be the guy irrespective of the dating type. Though most of the lesbian dates are a femme-butch pair, exceptions are always there. We have seen so many loving pure femme and pure butch lesbian couples who are living together for years. So, bringing the guy factor into a lesbian dating would be wrong.


These were a few things that we have learned about lesbian dating. There are a lot more lesbian dating myths that we would love to share with you. So, stay tuned with us with more amazing info and dating tips. We will keep you posted. Till then keep loving and discovering something new in the lesbian dating.