Using Visual Hints to Show You are Lesbian

Using Visual Hints to Show You are Lesbian

Did you just find that yourself a bit different, not straight? Is it making you feel nervous because you do not have any idea how to let your friends and family members know who you are? If yes, be with us in this article and learn the many ways to drop visual hints that you are LGBT.

Here’s a quick guide:

Wear LGBT Inspired Clothes

Visual hints are the best way to represent your identity and you can take advantage of this. Wear clothes that have rainbow prints because the rainbow is a part of LGBT flag. Most of the people recognize the hidden meaning of rainbow prints and they will surely identify you as well. So, without talking too much about you and your interests, you can still let others know who you are and what you are interested in. Start incorporating some rainbow prints into your wardrobe and flaunt them at different occasions. Want something unique? Go creative with rainbow accessories like hats, jewelry, bracelets etc.

Tip: Do not get confused between the LGBT rainbow prints and non-LGBT rainbow prints. There are some designs and prints that are a look-alike of LGBT rainbow prints but do not relate to them in any case. Hence, before choosing such prints, get some research and pick the one that relates to them.

Go for Messages

Another way to drop hints that you are LGBT is wearing a message T-shirt. You should wear a message carrying T-shirt not because you need to but because love to wear the one with a pride. Messages like Love Love, I AM You, We Are You reflect that you are one of them and you take a pride to announce that.

Tip: Avoid using straight messages like I am a Lesbian, or Girls Date Me etc. The whole idea of wearing a message bearing T-shirts is to show that you are proud to be a part of them, not just blowing the lesbian trumpet.

Change your Screensaver

Are you a person who is mostly on phone? If yes, you got another idea to show your inner personality and interests. How about changing your mobile screensaver to a photo of you and your date? Just think about it. Your friends, family members, and anyone who is close enough to touch your mobile phone are definitely going to ask you about that girl. And guess what, you get a clear chance to show who you are a person. So, just do it and see the results.

Tip: Seeing a picture of two girls clicked together does not indicate that they belong to the LGBT community unless or until the pictures are clicked in an intimate pose. So, first choose a picture that reflects you are more than just friends, set it as your screensaver, and grab a chance to show it to your friends and family members.

Wrapping Up

Being lesbian is not a thing of shame and you can tell this without speaking a single word. This is the beauty of visual hints. You can show them to a huge audience with minimal efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Go get some useful stuff as mentioned in the article, wear them and let others know about your likes and dislikes. Show the guy who tries to hit on you, show that girl whom you want to date, and show your parents that you are a bit different with these visual hints.

Hope this works for you.