Planning To Date? Explore Safe Online Dating Tips For Widows

PD Safe Online Dating Tips For Widows


Online dating has evolved. Even though it helps increase the reach and provides an easy way to connect, there can be some drawbacks, like fake accounts and accounts that are used for phishing. There are various apps available for online dating according to different specifications. For widows, too, particular applications connect the users to other users who have lost their loved ones too.

Here are some safe online dating tips for widows. These tips consist of dos and don'ts while dating online.


Keep your profile genuine

Use different photographs when you are creating a profile on a dating application. The more diverse they are, the better it is, as using the same photos from Instagram or Facebook will make it easier for you to get doxxed. Keep it accurate, simple, and short. You are not obliged to share details about your personal life, losses, or any personal information that would end up being used against you. Use catchy phrases or describe your preferences, such as movies, songs, or any hobby that you adore doing in your free time. Be genuine about yourself and everyone around you, so you get a higher chance of being swiped on your profile. 


Stay away from dubious profiles

Try not to associate with dubious profiles. Suppose the individual you are connecting with has no bio, no social media accounts, and has just posted one picture. In that case, it could be time to get apart. It would help if you disassociated with such profiles. Do a reverse picture search with the help of Google to check the profile's credibility to ensure that their profile is not fake. Block and report dubious clients. You can hinder and inform another client if you feel their profile is inaccurate or, on the other hand, they have acted up towards you. 

The examples below offer a few dubious ways tricksters behave to fabricate trust and compassion so they can control one more client in an unfortunate manner:

  • Requests monetary help in some way, frequently as a result of an unexpected individual emergency
  • Vanishes unexpectedly from the site and then, at that point, returns under an alternate name.
  • Offers dubious responses to explicit inquiries.
  • Compels you to give your telephone number or talk outside the dating application or site.
  • Demands your home or place of business while intending to mislead and misdirect.


Look for widowers on the dating sites

This would be a better idea to follow because they have been in the same spot as you are. You both might understand and share each other's sorrows of losing someone dear; hence a better emotional connection would arise between you. You would instantly find a few everyday things to talk about and introduce each other to your daily lives and how you coped with your loss. In such a manner, you will find yourself connecting to someone online, which wouldn't be the same case if it was an unmarried person or a non-widower. 


Before the first date

Do a video call before you get together face to face. Consider meeting on a video call with them whenever you plan a date. This can be an effective method for guaranteeing your match is who they show themselves to be in their profile. If they oppose a video call, that could indicate a dubious profile. Before you decide to meet offline, it is better to have a phone call at least and a video call to assure you are moving forward with the right person. Let your friend or family member know where you're going. Take a screenshot of your date's profile and send it to your close ones. Keep texting your whereabouts too. 


Keep personal information out of the conversation

With the coming age, online dating has become the easiest way to connect and find a partner instead of the old-fashioned way of meeting your partner in business setups or colleges. When signing up on an online dating site, one thing to note is to keep your personal information like bank details, insurances, discount codes, etc., out of the conversation. Hackers can easily use such things to leech your money out of your bank or rob you of your important financial documents. Keep your initial discussions limited to friends, families, interests, food, favorites, and hobbies to keep the flow going in your texts. Stay truthful about your age as you have nothing to be ashamed of, and love has no age limit or boundaries. When you've spent enough time together, talk about the future. Find out more about what each other wants. Expecting marriage to happen as soon as you start dating someone is unrealistic.


Things to keep in mind when meeting your date

Now that you and your date have passed the vibe-check for each other and want to go ahead with a date to bond more, there are a few things to note before planning a meet-up.

  • Meet in a public spot. Try not to meet somebody you don't yet know well in your home or work environment. Plan the date in a cafe, eatery, or bar with many others around. 
  • Try not to depend on your date for transportation. It's important to understand that you are in charge of your transport. Regardless of whether the individual you're meeting volunteers to get you home, try not to get into a vehicle with somebody you don't know much about.
  • Have a couple of ride share applications downloaded on your telephone so that you'll have a reinforcement on the off chance that one isn't working when you want it.
  • Ensure you have a battery on your mobile, and that it's fully charged.
  • Pay attention to your gut feelings and go ahead and leave a date if you feel any signs of danger. Try not to stress over feeling inconsiderate. Your security should be your priority.
  • Stick to what you're generally alright with. Nothing wrong can be said about having a couple of beverages out on the town. Remember your cutoff points, and don't feel forced to drink because your date is drinking. It can be wise to abstain from consuming medications previously or during the first date with another person since drugs could modify your impression of the natural world or have surprising communications with liquor.
  • You can unmatch, block, or report your match whenever you want to cut them off.
  • Try not to talk about your late spouse during the date, as it will make things awkward and uncomfortable for your date. 
  • Allowing yourself to settle will prevent you from growing and learning new things. Do not settle for a man who does nothing to uplift your spirit or mind. 
  • Do not allow yourself to willingly go over to his place to spend the night if it is the first time you are meeting him. 
  • Do not rush things after the first date. Instead, explore and take your time to learn and grow whether you want this relationship to move forward or not. 


Things to consider if you plan to date a widow/widower:

  • Occasionally, your companion could have blue feelings. Let them talk about their loss and express their feelings. Grieving is a normal process, even though it hurts.
  • You may find them having mood swings, and even a tiny trigger may remind them of their loss; hence, being patient and calm with them is recommended.
  • They may fear commitments due to their loss and may see you just as a rebound for their loss. Be aware of such situations as they would land you in an unhealthy relationship.
  • After losing a loved one, it can be difficult for widows and widowers to begin a new relationship. They are likely struggling with their guilt. It takes them some time to realize that you may have more than one love in your life. So, let them have their space from time to time and be there for them when they need you.


Wrapping Up

It can be challenging to read the signals while dating a widower, and a serious commitment may be too much to ask for at first. The secret is to move slowly! Additionally, dating them demands endurance and a readiness to accept reality. Please take into account the fact that they will always feel the effects of your loss. Keep your expectations on par with your actions when trying to pursue someone new to start the chapter of your life from a fresh perspective. Follow for more online dating advice and tips.