4 Proven Signs Your Date is Not Interested in You

Finding the right partner through online dating platform is no more a challenge. With so many online dating apps and tons of dating tips on the internet, finding your perfect date has been made quite easy. But, what if the guy you found perfect in the very first meeting, starts giving you some weird signs - signs of no interest and ignorance. Keep reading this post to know about the signs that show your date is not interested in you.

He stops replying back

So, you met a guy and he appeared perfect to you. You liked him and expecting him to like you back. Well, in the world of dating, this is not the case. You might like or dislike a guy and the same can be said in your case as well. To avoid being clingy, there’s an easy way to check if the guy is interested in you or not. After the first meeting, drop him a text. It can be a simple text saying “It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope to see you soon”. If he found you interesting, he will reply back in minutes. No matter how busy he is in his life, he will take time to reply back. In the opposite case, if he had seen the message but not responding or taking too much time to respond, take it as a clear sign to let it die. Instead of feeling sad about the guy you liked so much, move on and say Next, Please!!

He starts doing Sexting

If you are looking for hookups than this does not apply to you. However, if this is not your goal, just stop bothering. Take it as a sign to drop the date and look forward to other options. No matter what kind of dating you are enrolled in - online or offline - you are not supposed to do what makes you uncomfortable. So, if after the very first meeting he starts asking for your pictures or talks about night outs, let the date die. This is a clear sign that shows the guy is only looking for hookups. He has done this with many girls and you are the next.

He talks about himself

If the guy talks about only himself or hardly listen to what you are saying, take it as a red flag and let it die there only. There are people who are all about themselves and they are the worst contenders for dating. Spotting them is too easy. Simple talk about yourself for a few minutes and look at his activities. Ask some questions to see if he fidgets? Look into his eyes to check if he makes eye contact or simply scrolling his mobile screen.

If he says he is too busy

Stop dating a guy if he says he is too busy to reply or call you back. If the person likes you and wants to continue the date, he will definitely contact you no matter how busy in his life. He will take the time out of his busy schedule just to get in touch with you and if he’s not, he is probably up to something else - maybe finding out new options for dating.


It’s always better to take a step back rather than being clingy in dating. If the person you have met has not found you interested, let it die. In the world of online dating, it happens a lot. In such cases, learn the technique of not getting affected and keep moving. This will help you find the right partner in the later stages of dating.