Guide To Ask A Girl Out On A Date

Guide To Ask A Girl

Dating means pairing with someone so that you can know the person before you even consider a long-term relationship. The scariest part of starting this temporary commitment is asking her out on a first date. This issue becomes nerve-wracking if you have never been on a date. However, you will be surprised to know that asking someone out is quite simple than it seems. There are methods and psychological hacks which will definitely help you in understanding how to ask a girl on a date. Your prospective date may be your friend (or acquaintance) or a stranger.


1. Asking for a date:

Since you are his friend, you must have an idea about her likings with respect to food and places. Ask her directly if she would like to go to her favorite restaurant with you. Include the specifics and prepare some backup ideas of she doesn’t like the plan of going to a particular place. The first date should be at a place which doesn’t have to be too fancy. If she accepts your offer, it means that she was also waiting for you to ask her out and if she declines, ask her at some other time. If she continues to decline your offer, it’s a simple way of telling that she does not like the idea of you two together. Girls often have a hard time saying No directly.

If you are considering dating a stranger, first and foremost step is the introduction. Introduce yourself politely and try to make an eye contact before greeting her. If she replies to you with a positive note, it means that she might be interested. Consider this as stepping stone and compliment her on her looks or dress in a decent way. If she seems receptive and reciprocates the compliment, try to keep the conversation going. This will increase the chances of yes for a date.


2. Communication:

Communication is important when you want to understand the process of how to ask a girl on a date. There are several means like text, phone etc. by which you can ask her out. If you are considering dating a friend, nonverbal communication can lower your chances of success. Girls always prefer men who are confident and honest. Its never suggested to ask a girl directly for a date but you may ask her indirectly like whether she would consider checking out a new place or restaurant together.

If it happens that you want to date a stranger, approach her in public place so that she does not panic. She should feel safe when you are asking her out. Avoid places like lift, elevators, cornered rooms etc. where she will feel trapped. Keep a proper distance and do not make any physical contact (including handshake) unless she does that.


3. Body language and approach:

If you are keen to understand how to ask a girl on a date, you should pay attention to body language. Always give her your full attention while you are talking and try a keep eye contact. If she reciprocates by looking into your eyes for a long time, chances of success are high. There might be issues such as vision problem, anxiety, introvert etc., due to which she might not be able to maintain an eye contact. To avoid the confusion, check her body posture. If she keeps her face in your direction, leans slightly towards you and keeps her arms unfolded and open, it’s a sign that she is equally interested in going on a date with you.


4. Mutual friends:


Mutual friends are always helpful whether you need tips to ask a girl out or decide on a place for the date. Your mutual friend may even set you up if you two are strangers. Even though your mutual friend may ask her out on your behalf but do not consider this option. Doing this will jeopardize your image as she will consider you under-confident and dependent person. Once your mutual friend has set you up, ask her if she would like a go to a particular place with you. If she is a stranger, remember to give her your contact number but do not ask for her number. If she is interested, she will give her contact information before you even ask her.


5. Re-confirm:


It is always best to contact your prospective date to confirm the date and timings of the date. You must followup 1-2 days before the scheduled date. If the girl makes an excuse, try shifting the date to nearby dates. If she still makes an excuse, ask her to set the day as per her convenience. If the girl again makes some excuse, it means that she has changed her mind and is not interested in dating you. It's best that you must respect her decision without any argument and move ahead.


Wrapping up:

Above guidelines will surely help you to understand how to ask a girl on a date. Remember, the worst-case scenario can be her NO but you will always have positive feeling that you at least tried.