Match Vs Zoosk: Your Best Pick

Match and Zoosk are two of the best dating sites in the US and finding which one to use can be a hard task. But our in house experts have toiled hard to bring out the best for you between them. There are thousands of other sites now specializing in the online dating but was the first player. However it has been given a tough fight of existence by Zoosk and some sites. Here we see how both of these sites stand neck and neck with each other –

Sign Up

Both of the sites have simple and clearer sign up process and you can get going within minutes with simple registrations unlike more time taking personality quizzes by other sites. Once you have visited any profile, you can then add your personality information as you like.
Zoosk on the other hand allows you to synchronize your Facebook Profile and then your information will be directly made available and sign up process becomes way too easy. Match includes a section where you can talk ‘About You’ and ‘About Your Date’ as well as their deal breaker choices.
Match here has some excellent features in sign up because it asks as well as gives the view about the choices it should make



Both and Zoosk have competitive price mechanism and they offer monthly price plans. The costs reduce as per the amount of time you spend on that platform. Zoosk has cheapest pricing mechanism starting at $12.49 per month while Match will cost you around $20.99 per month for six months. But Match has some wonderful Match Guarantee which means if you haven’t met someone in 6 months, you will get another six months free of cost. In terms of value for money, both are almost same but Match makes a competitive choice for everyone.


Ease of Use

Both the sites have been made so comfortable for users to sign up and easy to use. But has a slightly longer sign up process of profile building. Also, Zoosk is slightly easy to use its preface is user friendly with lots of options in this. When you interact with more users, your matches continue to improve. Both sites also offer real time notifications from their Applications and Websites also. On the home site, you can find everything you are looking for.


Communication Tools

Both Zoosk and Match have instant Messaging and inbox chatting tools which help in improvement of Match making. This is also their primary route for member to member conversation also. Here you can also check as to which user is online and which are not based on your preference. also has a MatchPhone feature where you can talk on the phone in a safe way. Zoosk on the other hand a specifically made messenger app which helps in connecting socially. Zoosk also lets its users create some ice breaker questions to send to other members.


Mobile App and site has a slightly bigger presence on the internet through its various sites and availability on devices from iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Palm also while Zoosk is available on iOS and Android only. However, Zoosk has been rated as the best dating site on the app store making it one of the most looked after apps these days. So, given the presence recorded by, it looks as a clear winner here but Zoosk gives it a tough competition on all fronts.



There are various ways of searching on Zoosk with the help of behavioral matchmaking technology where you can swipe through the singles on the carousel or wait for your pick to respond back. You can also go through the profile search platform created for the users by Zoosk., on the other hand, offers SingleOut matches which are uniquely suited for any user. They also provide with a great search tool which includes Reverse Search and Mutual Match which lets the user save searches and utilize a helpful keyword search to narrow down the results. These features make Match a better option in the two.



Both of these sites give their users, the best hands on experience when it comes their profile security. The data is properly curated and stored without a chance of leak. Both of them use an incognito mode but charges more for using the Incognito mode on it. Zoosk has better verification tools than Match. It tests your locality and email address through a prompt also.


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