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When it comes to dating online, has no match with any of its competitor sites. It is one of the oldest and widest known websites with more than 20 years’ experience in the online dating and matchmaking. On the eHarmony is one of the rising sites which has slowly become a household name in the field of online dating. It focuses more on personality testing and matchmaking but who will win when one has to choose between the two? Let’s find out –

Sign Up

Sign Up is a simpler process on They require some basic information and then prompted to begin filling the profile with your education, physical appearance, lifestyle and interests. At this point, some ‘Deal Breakers’ also are also included which helps which keeps unwanted singles from your inbox. On the other hand eHarmony has a completely different set up during the Sign Up process. Here you need to shed at least an hour to complete the Sign Up process by completing the personality quiz properly while completing focusing on the attention. The personality quiz is based on 29 dimensions of compatibility to feeling about the relationship, romance, work, religion, family life, friends, your job and your mood and emotions as well. You will also require to rate yourself on a sliding scale of dozens of personality traits and experiences for example caring or how assertive you are or how much importance does your faith, religion and family is to you?
Once the Sign is complete through the quiz, you will be asked to complete other sections of the profile following which you will be allowed to view the match. While has a simpler sign up process, it is important to note that eHarmony has more illustrative website which focuses on more narrowed down search through the personality quiz and hence it is tough to find out a winner in the two.

Winner: Its a Tie.!!


When it comes to deciding the fate of any website on the basis of prices it quotes, it becomes fairly unfair. Both these sites offer different kinds of experience to the user but their price range have some form of difference too. While is about value for money and meeting a large amount of singles while eHarmony is an elite matchmaking service which focuses on finding the ones who actually matter. The best value option at is $20.99 per month for 6 months while at eHarmony costs $33.95 per month for six months.


Ease of Use has simpler tips and tricks while its icebreakers are considered to be the masterclass innovation. It has an easier sign up, profile build up as well as communication in the matchmaking. There is a very thorough FAQ section in the help centre of which caters to any help required by you at any time during the matchmaking process.
On the other hand, eHarmony has an easy follow but it is more of an investment of time and efforts. The profile building is excellent but it is mostly manual and takes time. The matches are sent to the inbox and the communication includes a guided version for those who are less confident to make a statement. They also have both phone and email options for reaching out, but the help centre is better. Hence, we believe that is better in this regard.


Communication Tools offers both inbox chat or safe calling via MatchPhone while the chat is much more real-time though with options to see those who are online and more convulsive ones. on the other hand eHarmony is all about matching the compatibility of the people and you will only be able to reach out to singles who you have matched with. You can also choose between the open or guided communication to get in touch with the person of your choice. It also has a SecureCall feature to chat on the phone without revealing your phone number while it does not have any live chat option or chat via webcam offer.


Mobile App and site

Both of these sites have mobile applications as well as websites which cater to the demand of the users. Both of them are available on the major OS such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Both of them have similar kinds of experience when it comes to browsing through website or mobile apps. Looking closely, one can find some differences in their mobile sites. While Mobile apps of feels like a simplified version of their dating sites, eHarmony has similar experience on app as well as website. They are simple, intuitive and with even more functionality from your pocket than on the desktop. Real-time notifications, instant photo uploaded and really easy interface for users make it a worth try.


Search would come up head and shoulders above in a search tool comparison with most dating websites under the sun. They have a powerful advanced search tool, which includes keyword search, filter search, and even reverse and mutual matches-where users can see what kind of matches they are being suggested to, and who is being shown their own profile. Specific matches each day are known as SingledOut matches, and there is even a swiping tool for singles that may have slipped through the net.
In comparison to this, eharmony keeps the search options under lock and key for staff and computers only! Your personality quiz is used to suggest only the most compatible singles, and you have no way of tweaking your results. It’s certainly a hand off approach to finding The One!



There’s no doubt that eharmony has a safer feel to it than The lengthy signup process puts off singles who are less serious, and all profiles and quizzes are checked before they are awarded member status on eharmony. You can also choose to use RelyID to further verify your identity, while there is no extra verification process in place on has an option to browse incognito, but this costs extra on top of your monthly fee. Your profile can’t be safer than at eharmony, where it will only ever be seen by your matches.


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