Dating Tips that Men Should Follow

Likewise Women, Men do have endless questions spinning in their head before, during and after a date. So, we are here to help you out with some of the dating tips that we have gathered and is used to make your date eventually successful.

You are dating and that means you are investing your luck in this tricky business. Every man have an infinite number of questions revolving in their head: What to wear? Which is the perfect place to meet? What should I say? Is it only me who's going to pay? Should I call her quickly after the date? So we are making an effort to help you out by providing some of the important tips that you should definitely remember while dating:


1. First impression last forever


You might find yourself cool in ragged jeans and it may be lucky for you, but you better not forget, this is the first impression your date is getting from you. Pretending game deon’t last long!! You don’t have to pretend to be someone that you are not, as the girl will also want to see the real you!! And it does not mean that you have to wear a formal suit to give yourself a complete gentleman look. Wearing something apt, using good fragrance is enough to give you and your date a good start. Just worry about how you can turn up on time.


2. Plan a date at a place where you feel comfortable


Women always prefer those men who can take control and they actually want to see what place you have chosen to meet and how it is. So if you are asking women to decide the place, doesn’t make you gentlemen in their eyes. Better choose a familiar territory for arranging a date, if you don’t want it to be a daunting experience. Instead of visiting a crowdie night pub that may distract you from your date, a peaceful place where you can feel comfortable is a better and worth choosing an option.


3. All that matters is the Confidence you have


Women feel a guy is valuable if she finds him confident and smart enough to make decisions. So guys with a bit shy nature should practice beforehand how to converse with unknown or lesser known people. Or, you can choose the subject which you find most interesting, whilst on the date, such as your hobby. Let her sense your confidence and see how passionately she talks to you. Being comfortable in your own skin is enough to make a woman happy. All guys are not 6ft tall or having the perfectly toned body. So don’t feel shy about your appearance.


4. Keep your talks short and concise


Doing all the talking doesn’t give a lasting impression, whereas talking sense, keeping it short and concise is what takes your image graph in the upward direction. On the other hand, do not let your date become a boring event. If you find happening so, start sharing some stories which can turn into opportunities to make your date a success. Do not feel hesitated with the pauses and let your date also answer some of the questions. This will show her how interested you are in listening to what she has to say.


5. A fun conversation keeps you indulge


A light-hearted conversation is the best way to sustain the interest of both; you and your date. Don’t try to move into an in-depth conversation regarding numerous issue which you are facing in your personal and work life. Women, on the first date, will definitely look forward to meeting a guy who can make them laugh and who can ask simple and decent questions that she really want to answer. It doesn’t mean they don’t have to be serious at all but try to keep it light in the initial stages of dating.


6. Don’t bring your ‘ex’ in the conversation


Bringing your ‘ex’ in the light-hearted and fun conversation can make you land in a dangerous zone. Talking about your ex is dangerous territory. Keeping your ‘ex’ away from your present date conversation is the best you can do. Your ‘ex” can definitely make your date feel awkward and she might not be interested in listening. On the other hand, if your date brings up this topic, you can just give a short and satisfactory reply, without appearing suspicious. You both should be reassured that past is history and present involves both of you in letting know each other better.


7. Phone should not be the hurdle


You are trying to have a decent conversation with your date and the phone is ringing again and again. Can there be anything more irritating than this? It’s better not just to put your phone on silent, but to switch it off. You might get an appreciation from her, if she gets to know that you are focusing on the date, by turning off your phone.


8. Who will pay?


Things have changed and a new trend has prevailed that women love to pay for their share of the bill. But you should look like a gentleman and insist on paying the complete bill, which should not look forceful though. Still, if she is willing to pay, recommend her to pay it on your next date, if she is wishing for that.


9. An important follow-up


There could be a chance, you may not feel like having a second date. Just end it up there saying “It was a great time we had”. Never let her feel bad or make her hurt by saying you will call her. And if you really wish to see her again tell her frankly instead of making it a guessing game or leaving it for some days by not contacting each other. This may give an image that you didn’t enjoy the date.


10. A female friend can definitely help


No one learns to date in school, everyone has to jump into it to map the deep end or to make it flow as you want. A female friend can be a good advisor for you with whom you can discuss, what you did on your date, where did you go and what talk you shared? Her feedback can ultimately be useful as everyone has their own opinions and they may help to make your next date better.


Wrapping up:

So, if you are planning for a date, do remember these tips. Take a deep breath, make yourself relax and enjoy!!