Is The Guy You Are Dating, The Man of Your Dreams

Men have always seemed to be like a bit of enigma to women. Women can only feel assured if they can figure out what exactly is going on in a guy’s mind during the weeks they are dating. If you call us too often, you’re pushy. If you don’t call us enough, you’re cold. But have you ever thought how would you find that the guy you are dating is the one you can marry and that too without asking him outright? “Yes, he is the man of my dreams and this is the relationship I have dreamed of.” Can you easily figure this out? A point where you can actually be sure is that an awkward first date is not the relationship you want to continue for the lifetime. Follow these tips to make yourself move in the right direction:


Let your glass be always ‘half full’


It’s not at all worth it if you knock back the glass of wine to soothe you and settle down your nerves, just because you are bit nervy. Just take it easy, calm your nerves. If you will not overindulge then he will undeniably be interested and you will have a control over the date. You will get ample of opportunities to hair down if your date becomes your boyfriend. So there’s no point making a guy scared by knocking back few shots and that too before dinner.


Should you invite a guy again after the first date?


Well, men might ask about it, but it’s not always necessary for you to say YES. Your actions shall perform better than your words. Reassuring men with a kiss at your doorstep will make them understand that this date will last longer. Make sure, you don't let them wonder that this has also happened with the other guys you have ever dated. Men always have this subconscious thing in their mind. Call them at your place, make them feel comfortable, spend some more time, maybe night together and they will definitely be relieved with the cold light of the morning.


Become Facebook Friends!! Really??


Be active on Social Media, let your friends know how much you loved that view on the way to home this evening, or share a photo of the most adorable pet of yours cuddling with you. This is how it goes and it’s good. But do you really think showing your old Facebook pics to a guy you have just met is upright? Or do you really wish to make him aware of your routine life topics? Let the mystery retain a bit!! Until you get to know each other very well, do not send him the friend request.


The Way He Introduces You


Women, you know what, guys are extremely territorial and they might not be aware of this quality. Once they decide the women of their dreams, they will start introducing you like “This is my Girlfriend, Jenny”. And this would definitely be followed up with words like babe, woman, his other half, and he won’t stop there. Without even realizing he would have laid all his cards on the table. This would be the time where the dating has turned into a relationship and your man has started taking things seriously. Now you are in a relationship with the man of your Dreams!!


Don’t do follow up calling every day


Most of the males generally do not easily grasp the concept of calling very often just to stay in touch. They are smart enough as they know how and when to call you even if you haven’t called them up. Men feel suffocated when you constantly try to check in and this will pretend you as a bit desperate in front of them. On the other hand, if you don’t call, they will definitely consider that you have better things in life and can start panicking. However, the sign of him not being interested in you is that he won’t either call or respond to your calls.


Focus on other important things


Never make men the center of your world. Men always love a woman who prioritizes her own things as they love doing their own things. Spend plenty of time on yourself, meet your friends, go out for a lunch, party after work and in a short span of time, you both will start doing these things together. Keep it slow and steady and do not get excited about spending every evening with your man. Giving space to each other in a relationship is really appreciated by both men and women.


And Finally


We all are hell scared of commitments. Of course, most of us will disagree but the vast majority of us feel fearful with future commitments. You need to take it easy and give him time to decide when he wants to commit. There is no predefined time to commit like a week, a month after dating, until and unless men are willing to commit. But it doesn’t mean that they are not willing to commit, just taking time to reassure themselves.

Wrapping up:

Now be more confident and step ahead for this roller coaster dating ride as now you have handful tips for dating. But Do Not Forget!! All guys are not the same. Your past relationship which was bad, should not have any negative impact in your present world. Let it stay there in the past only. One should give other guys a chance to prove themselves!!
Do let us know how many of you are prepared for your next date and how helpful were these tips for you!!