How to Use Dating Apps When You are Over 50

Dating Apps When You are Over 50

With the emergence of hundreds of dating apps, the art of conventional courtship- where two people fall in love at the first sight instead of swipe, has never seemed more alien. However, it is not just youngsters who are looking to find their love online today. According to a latest research, there are almost one million over 50s who are dating online. But these people feel out of touch with today’s transient dating culture and lack the confidence to join in. Here is a guide for such over 50 people on how to use dating apps to make their online love story a success.


Taking the perfect profile picture


For optimum success when it comes to online dating, the mentors suggest using only recent photographs on your dating profile, no less than a year old, so as to avoid misleading your date. Also, include at least one full-length photograph and a portrait shot to portray how you actually look like. Remember that solo shots are always better than the group ones if you do not want to be mistaken easily for one of your buddies. Pictures that show off your passions give an instant idea about your interests as well.


Writing the bio


When it comes to crafting your bio for online dating profile, dating experts suggests writing it like you are introducing yourself to someone at a party, avoiding cliches wherever possible. It is also better to keep the first few messages light in tone and making it personal by mentioning something you have spotted on the person’s profile.


When to arrange a meeting with your date


It is advised to organize a first date after five to six messages, ideally tailoring it around a shared interest such as a visit to an exhibition.


Physical intimacy on the first date


A research has shown that over 50s daters become physically intimate much faster as compared to those in their 20s and 30s. Although, a kiss or an overnight stay on the first date is completely acceptable if it feels right, however feel free to take things slowly and let that excitement build over time. 


Be resilient


Know that it may take you a while to meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Some people are lucky right off the bat, they meet that perfect someone very quickly, the feelings get mutual and their relationship gets serious. However, many more people do not have that kind of luck! They tend to meet many people who do not interest them and it can take many coffee dates before they find someone who is perfectly right for them. But still it is worth it. You can think of these dates as a chance to expand your social life and this way you will find that you can enjoy the coffee time, even if the person has no long-term prospects. When you stick it out and keep on trying, you eventually will find that special someone at the right time.