Signs Your First Date was a Success

Many a times, you find it confusing to know where you stand after a first date. You probably were so busy worrying about yourself and trying to come off as a smart and sensible person, that you forgot to pay attention to the signs your date was giving you. When you reflect on your first date experience, there is a lot that you can learn out of it. It will also give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you should expect a second date. If you can check off most of the points on this list, you can safely bet your date was into you (at least enough to secure a second date):

You Couldn’t Stop Talking to Each Other


If you two got on like a house on fire on your first date and couldn’t stop chatting, whether or not you had any physical connection, it is a good sign. Good conversation is the basis of all successful relationships. So if you both talked easily and naturally for hours, you can definitely assume your first date went really well.

You had a lot in common


Finding common ground is a great sign that things went well on your date. It could be as simple as your unreasonable obsession with comic books or your favorite brand of breakfast cereal. This shows that you both were comfortable enough to open up and share your interests, which can be a challenge when you meet someone for the first time. You have no clue how they are going to react to your interests. Thus, if everything goes smoothly then it is a great sign.

Your date was carrying an unrestrainable smile


A person who is infatuated by your presence or is smitten by you can’t help but break into a warm smile during the date and that too, without any reason. You would notice this more often when you say something and your date is listening to you with a whimsical smile plastered across their face.

The date went on longer than expected


A great sign to know if your date was a success or not is to look at how long it went on. When the dinner ended, did you two call it a night? Or did you ask the date to go somewhere else? And did the date say yes or no? These are some questions you need to ask yourself. Definitely, there is always the chance that your date had a good time but really had something urgent after and thus couldn’t extend the date. But in that case, they would have let you know in advance. If your date happily accompany you to whatever second place you guys decided on, then this is definitely a good sign. This shows that your date really wanted to know you a little bit more.

It ended with a plan to meet again


If you two agreed to meet again and your date seemed enthusiastic about the idea of meeting again, that definitely counts as a success. If you two got along with each other and your date genuinely wants to see you again, you can clearly chalk that up as a success.