Girls, You are Doing It Wrong: Dating Advice from Coach

Are you spending too much time on endless messaging that turns to nowhere? Are you seeing people who look good online, but not in person? Do you date promising-looking people only to have them disappear on you? Keeping all your hopes high about online dating and believing that you are going to meet the love of your life ever can be hard. There is a reason why dating coaches are becoming so popular these days. Modern dating is a challenging task. And people do end up making mistakes while finding love. So, here is a list of few of the ways that you are doing it all wrong. Check it out:


#1 You are doing it wrong if you see dates as interviews for marriage and babies


There can be no worse thing than the feeling of you being interviewed on a date. It sucks when you feel that your date is evaluating you against some kind of future-spouse checklist rather than getting to know you as a person. When you meet someone new, just relax and keep your long checklist aside in order to see beyond the superficial. Talk about your likes, dislikes, passions and encourage your date as well to talk about his passions. Find out the things you both have in common. Let the conversation flow organically.


#2 You are doing it wrong if you believe meeting and dating “the one” happens completely by sheer luck and serendipity


You might have fantasized a lot about the heavens parting and dropping that Mr.Perfect into your imperfect life! However, the reality is that women benefit from experiencing mistakes and wrong turns. Remember that your dating and love life requires enough time, effort and commitment. Just as you have probably invested in other areas of your life such as hobbies, academics, career, etc., invest in your love life as well. Make this a priority in your life and commit to doing what is necessary to get to that place if you want to create a healthy and happy relationship. Moreover, when you commit in such a way, you are less likely to compromise on all the dating boundaries that you set for yourself.


#3 You are doing it wrong if you enter into dating with an attachment to the outcome


You meet a guy who seems perfect for you and your chemistry is just on fire. All of a sudden, you start feeling like it’ll the end of the world for you if it doesn’t work out or as if he is the last guy with whom you’ll ever have such chemistry. You might also start molding yourself into the woman you think he wants you to be so that you can hold on to him. However, it is crucial to understand that when you avoid going into the early stages of dating with an immediate attachment to the outcome, you will be able to feel a lot more relaxed and more able to just be yourself.


Wrapping up:

Remember that you are the creator of your life. Only you can build and shape your life story as well as your love story. And this is done through the beliefs you fill your head and the actions that you take. So, choose to live by a growth mindset.