Some Shocking Facts About Online Dating

Since digital communication became a common fixture of the internet world, online dating has been around in some form or the other. Digital courtship isn’t a new thing, whether meeting someone in an online dating site or developing a relationship with someone through emails. Even before the internet, there were matchmaking companies around the corner that did much the same thing. It didn't’t take very long for the online dating world to turn into a massive industry. At one time, failure of “normal”relationships might be the reason to join an online dating site, however with new apps, it is not socially acceptable to give online dating a try at least. Here are some of the facts about online dating that you would definitely find shocking. Check these out.  


There are 52 million single people in the U.S.


More than 50 million adult men and women in the U.S. are without a significant other. This is far less as compared to the total population in the United States, however it is still a substantial number when there are hundreds of online dating websites who are desperately looking to gain a profit from people seeking a suitable mate.


40 million people in the U.S. have tried online dating


The majority of single people in the United States have tried online dating at least once in their life. It can also be said that clearly many single people consider online dating a feasible option when it comes to finding a sexual partner, at least. Some people might have also tried online dating and then later decided it wasn’t for them. Or they might have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable partner through online dating.


54% of the online daters are men


When it comes to online dating, for some reason or the other, men do have a less trustworthy reputation as compared to women. This fact might be true for some of the users who make use of online dating sites just to find a fling and not a long-term relationship or for some immature and irresponsible men who have no respect for other users.


70% of the online daters believe in love at first sight


This fact in itself reveal a lot about the people who try to find their love online. Probably, these are die-hard romantics wearing their hearts on their sleeves with the sole belief that there is this one person out there somewhere who is just right for them.


40% of women prefer nice guys


This is in contrary to the fact that nice guys finish last! In reality, most women are generally more attracted to men who are confident, having a sense of humour, and who know how to treat women with respect. The good men don’t need to hide their natural personalities online in order to attract girls out there.


Wrapping up:

There are millions of people who join and leave dating sites every year with the hope to find a long-lasting love or to at least find new friends to spend some days with. Majority of these do so without having a much knowledge about the online dating. For them, this list covering some of the shocking facts about online dating will prove to be quite enlightening.