Top Security Tips for Online Dating Websites

There was a time when people used to snicker at relationships that started online. But this now feels like ancient history. Most Americans now agree on the fact that online dating is actually a good way to meet potential partners. In 2017, in fact, 18% of the people met their spouses online, according to a famous bridal website.

There are also, however, some byproducts of the ever-growing trend of online dating. As per a recent survey, over half of the American singles say that they have never asked someone out in person, while 45% have never dumped someone face-to-face. Despite these facts, we know with surety that online dating is here to stay. It has also been demonstrated that online dating has led to a sharp rise in interracial marriages, which have fewer chances of breaking up during the first year. Also, the partners who meet online tend to express more satisfaction in their marriage. So the question is how to stay safe in online dating while dipping toes in the water? There are many things to worry about when it comes to dating online. Check out these safety tips:


1. Choose a reputable website


While picking a site when it comes to online dating, do your complete research. The site you choose must have a critical mass of users that will lead to a high probability of finding a good match, sound security protocols well in place that protect your sensitive data and assurance that the potential dates may be matched by geography, but they don’t get any information regarding your exact location or even your neighborhood.


2. Make use of safe password protocols


Just like any other site, make sure to have a password that is strong and unique. Ensure that the resulting concoction must not be the one you are using for any other website. Do not disclose this password of yours to anyone. And know that no dating site will ever send you an email asking for your password.


3. Use a recent photo of yours


While making a profile on a dating site, use a photo that you do not use for anything else online. You have already given enough information about yourself for identification, so just skip and jump from a phone number or address.  


4. Choose an appropriate username


While choosing a username for the dating profile, make sure to not include your first or last name. Also, it should not match any of your name on Instagram, Twitter or other social media handles. The username you pick for your profile on dating website should be unique and neutral.


Wrapping up:


You must have heard that you might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you finally find your prince/princess. Know that digital dating is not that far off from the real dating. Luckily enough, you’ll get to meet a number of fishes in the sea of virtual dating. The probability of finding one suited perfectly for you is too high. Just remember the trick to go out and find them safely!