Tips to Keep Your Guy Hooked Forever

 Tips to Keep Your Guy Hooked Forever

Attracting a guy might be easier. But to make him fall for you and keep him interested in you forever is a bit difficult. Of course, every task whether big or small requires effort and patience. These two ingredients are equally necessary if you wish to keep the guy you are seeing hooked to you forever. So, here are some of the valuable tips which each and every woman must practice and follow to keep the man in their life hooked:

Stop chasing

Girls are always on the lookout for a soul mate, whose tenderness, touch and warmness make them feel special in its own way. The saying that men love challenges is true, however, it shouldn’t be on a continuing basis. Do not get upset and irritated with him frequently. Make sure that your love and desire towards him do not end up becoming some sort of baggage for him. Maintaining a little independence of your own is quite essential in a relationship. Men do not prefer clingy women. Trying to being with him all the time will lead to monotony as well as disinterest.

Make him feel your absence

Women are restless and emotional, and so are men. The only difference lies in the fact that men can very efficiently hide their feelings, unlike women. Relationships are definitely blissful, but at times you might feel a little scared about what if it doesn’t turn out to be as you expected. This is quite normal to feel. Love requires a lot of patience. It is good that you love your partner, but do not be that good enough. This doesn’t imply that you should be rude to him or something, but make yourself presentable in such a manner that he cannot stay without you at any cost. When you hear his phone calls ringing, do not rush and make him miss you a little. This will make him understand the value of your absence.

Let him find time to meet you in person

The digitalized world we live in today has made communication so much easier. Agree? But do you experience the same love and romance when you meet the person in real? Definitely no. There is a huge difference when it comes to approaching your mate in an online and offline mode. Thus, in order to make him miss you and long for you, remember to not text one another for more than 20 minutes in a day. Each and everything cannot be expressed in a text. Hence make him find time to meet you in person so that the true feelings drive him crazy. Let him look forward to meeting you as someone special to him. Put some efforts to make your dates a favorite time of his week.

Show him that you are his moral support

A trait which almost all guys look for when it comes to a long-term romantic partner is whether the girl can be his pillar of support! Being nurturing and caring are two qualities which all men desire. So if you have these qualities instilled within you, then present them in front of him through your support and companionship. This will surely help you to get involved in a long-term alliance with the man of your dreams.