3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dating A Gay Guy

Gay dating is not easy and so as the problems related to it. If you have been struggling with gay dating problems but do not know how to solve them, we are here for help. Be with us in this article and learn about 3 common mistakes you should avoid when dating a gay guy.

Here we go!

Asking him to spend the night with you

Let’s create a mini gay date scenario in which you are meeting a gay guy for the first time. You met him online and know each other quite well, thought through dating website only. You take him out for coffee, share your interest in watching soccer, and funny cats videos, and so on. Everything went smoothly and your first gay date reaches its end. You were about to drop him home but suddenly the testosterone inside you started jumping out of your pants and you ask him to spend the night with you. This is where you need to have patience. No matter who you are - a lesbian, gay or a straight person - you cannot ask your date for having sex right on your first date. It reflects you are more into his body and less into his heart. Don’t you want him more as a person? Don’t you want to strengthen the bond you both share with each other? If yes, give your relationship some time and wait for the right moment.

Not contacting him after the first date

You met him for the first time and are super excited to take your relationship ahead but what if he did not contact you? What if he did not text or call you after the first date? Does this mean he did not like your company or is up to something else? Well, these are a few questions that might run through your mind when your date did not respond after the first date. In such scenarios, most of the people wait for the response and feel disheartened when did not get any. Is it really good to be quiet? Can’t you initiate the call if he didn't? This is the most common gay dating problem. If the person behind the screen is not contacting you - for whatsoever reasons -it doesn’t mean that he is no more interested in you. He might be busy or might be waiting for your call. There are a number of things that can happen and make him not to contact. Hence, if you ever feel stuck in one of such situations, make him a call and tell him about your thoughts. Tell him how much you enjoyed and how excited you are about meeting him again. He will admire it.

Avoiding his calls to ignore him

If you met a guy who is good enough to be our friend but lacks qualities that you see in your date, how would you say a No to him? Will you stop taking his calls and block him from your dating profile? If yes, you are in the wrong lane. Doing so, you are not only hurting his sentiments but also making a way to delve into the feeling of guilt. Instead of this, you should tell him about your feelings, though in a polite tone. Tell him that you enjoyed the date and would love to keep a friendship bond with you, but not as a date. This would be far better than ignoring his calls and messages.

Hope this works for you.