Some Facts About Online Dating You Must Be Unaware About

Many theories, as well as traditional wisdom, convey that love is a basic human need. Someway or the other, we all want to love and be loved in return. While most people meet their love through social circles or school/work, these pools in today’s time are proving to be relatively shallow. More and more people are nowadays switching to less conventional methods of dating such as online dating in the search of their potential date.

A recent survey conducted suggest that about 77% of people consider it very crucial to have their smartphones with them at almost all times. With an increase in the number of online dating sites, who could really blame them. Here are some of the most enlightening facts about online dating that you must know if you are considering it lately:


Most people actually lie on their online dating profiles


Now, who doesn’t want to appear appealing? According to a study conducted over 1,000 online daters found that nearly 81% of them have lied on their online dating profiles. Apparently, women lied more than men, with most common lies being about their looks and weight. About 20% of women have posted photos of their younger years. Men, on the other hand, are just marginally better. The most common lies by men, in general, revolve around their height and financial situation. Interestingly, it was also found that dishonestly declined with age. Most probably, older people are more interested in reflecting their real authentic self, rather than an ideal or imagined version.

Men usually spend more time looking at the pictures online than actually reading profiles


A research recently was conducted tracking the eye movement in people reading dating profiles online. The researchers found that men spend 65% more time looking at the pictures, in contrast to spending 50% less time reading the profiles online.


One-third of online daters never actually meet face to face


A recent survey revealed a quite surprising fact. It founded that one-third of single people on the dating websites never actually arrange a date in real. The nervousness and anxiety of meeting a new person could be one of the reasons for this; however, this is definitely astonishing to know this.


Looking for a relationship online could convey the message that all you want is sex


One of the major problems faced by women looking for love online is recognizing the real intention of the potential date. While there are genuine men on the sites who are relationship-seeking, there is also a pool of creepy guys on there simply looking for just sex. Since men are more eager for sex than women are, many men make the assumption that if a woman holds an online dating presence, she is comfortable enough in sleeping with strangers. Online dating provides the convenience of meeting people you possibly would never have otherwise. However, women should be aware of the fact that they probably will receive disgusting and rude messages from some horny and creepy guys out there.