Valuable Dating Advice For Divorced Men

Even the word dating sounds dreaded after divorce. The idea to date someone after years being married is surely daunting. However, humans are instinctively drawn to coupling up. So the chances of getting into the dating scene after divorce are quite high. After all, it’s only divorced men who know how difficult it is to survive the divorce. This is especially when you have put a lot of your efforts to save the marriage.

Deciding when and how to date after a divorce is a real dilemma. Many men take a long time to recover before getting ready to date again, while there are some who get ready to date within few weeks or months. But developing relationships again is loaded with pitfalls for many. So here is some dating advice for all the divorced men who are healing from the scars and considering to date again:


Better to avoid club and bar scene


Clubs and bars as a general rule, are not great places to meet women. Most of the times, there are women there who are looking to impress a man and you might have to play the same game to develop any connection. Hence, it is better not to consider it as a place to find a woman you might want to be a friend with.


Do not expect miracles during the first encounter


Be prepared to be anxious during the first meet with someone after a divorce. But remember that the aim of that meeting should only be to say hello and not necessarily for the two of you to like each other. Do not rush things. Developing relationships require their own time.


Networking does works


When you need a job, you visit search sites and find advice about the job through networking. Isn’t it? So same applies to dating as well. Let your close friends know that you are now ready to date again and ask them for suggestions about women with whom you might be compatible. Often divorced men resist blind dates. But a friend inviting you and a woman friend of theirs over coffee, games or drinks can make sense.  


Be positive and upbeat


Many divorced men tend to dwell on the negatives of their lives during dates. You definitely do not want to let down your date. Do you? So, just maintain a positive attitude and select some interesting activities for the dates such as stage plays, golf, a board game night, etc.


Never compete with your ex-spouse


So your ex-spouse is already dating or even ready to remarry. That’s all right. It’s their life and their choices. However, it is crucial for you not to let her readiness decide yours. Remember that you should start when you are actually ready and not when she is.


Wrapping up:

Divorced men face some real-life challenges when they enter the dating world. A sour experience from the divorce and some negative feelings add to the challenge. However, some good advice and positive attitude would definitely make you prepared enough to face anything and everything that comes in your way.