How to Text a Gay Guy You Like

How to Text a Gay Guy You Like

Texting is one of the reasons why we cannot live without our mobile phones. We can chat with our loved ones for hours and that’s too with a tap of few buttons. This is something that we cannot live without. Right? But what if the person takes your texts in a different way. And if that person is your new date - specifically a gay date - things may even go worse.

If this has been bothering you, let us help. Be with us in this article and know about gay date texting rules.

Gay Date Texting Rules that Actually Works

Here are some tips and tricks that you should try considering while sending a text to your date. Have a look at them.

Revert if you are not busy

If you are busy in a meeting or hanging out with your friends, it would be quite common to ignore any casual text received by your date. We completely agree on this. What we are actually focussing on is a situation when you are lying on your bed, watching TV or playing your favorite video game, and suddenly you receive a text “Hey..u there?” and you simply choose to ignore it. This should not be done. You should avoid ignoring such texts unless or until it’s too important.

Send a text if you have started typing

While typing a text, you should always remember that the other person is actually seeing those three dots and is waiting for your reply. In such case, if you suddenly decide to delete the text or stop typing, the recipient would definitely mind. And, if the other person is no one but the one with whom you are dating, the results can be devastating. Hence, always complete your text, and do send it on time.

Avoid using “Okay” in your texts

No matter how happy or upset you are, if you are sending an “Okay” to your date he may perceive it as your passive aggressiveness. This is because of the too casual nature of such texts that cannot reflect the actual state of mind of the sender. Hence, if you are upset and you are replying to a text with Okay, your date may take it as a positive sign. Or the reverse case can also be true. The gay texting etiquette rules say you must avoid sending too casual texts similar to okay and fine as they may reflect your non-seriousness towards the conversation.

Use emojis to show you are equally excited

Emojis are a great way to cover up your nonseriousness, less interest, or business with smileys. So, if you are busy or cannot text much, just send a lot of smileys to your date, and he will admire it. Want to impress him more? Send him a bunch of text with lots of smileys and he will totally love it.

No long essays about your emotions

Expressing your inner feelings and emotions through a text is quite easier than telling them in person and we completely agree on this. We encourage those long 10 pages texts that describe every single thought you have for your date but it should be sent only once a year. You cannot hide behind such lengthy texts every day. No matter how deeply you are in love with your partner, he won’t be having that much of time to read, understand as well as revert to such texts.


These were a few things that you should consider while texting your date. If you have time, just revert to that smiley that your date has just send, and if you are busy tell him that you will revert as soon as you get free. Send emojis when you feel emotional and loved rather than sending long pages sentimental texts. Hope this works for you.