Some Red Flags Indicating the Guy Is Not Worth Your Time

When you just start seeing someone, it definitely takes some time to analyze where you actually stand. You might be having fun hanging out, texting and hooking up with him. But, the real question is- how to decide whether this is something more or not? Is this something real or just a fling? Is the guy worth your time or not?

Undoubtedly, it is far difficult to tell someone’s real intention towards you than it seems. This is especially true when you really like someone. Most of the times, your romantic feelings for the guy can get in the way of seeing who they actually are. This way, you would just waste your time trying to convert a hook-up into a relationship when walking away is the best option. Yes, it is hard to let go of someone who gives you butterflies and gets your heart racing; however, it is sometimes for the best. So, how to know whether the guy you seeing is worth committing to? Here are the signs:


He keeps on being reluctant about defining the relationship


So you guys look really cute together and have fun conversations. But then when the time comes to get down to business, the guy just avoids the question and changes the subject every single time. This might be because he wants to keep his options open. Or he might be a commitment-phobic person who just wants to stay in the hookup culture forever. So, girl, it’s your call now. If you want to be elusive with someone while he doesn’t, Do Not settle for less than what you really deserve. Instead, just walk away. If he is really into you, he would realize the fact and will definitely follow you.


He avoids answering your texts


Yes, we agree that no one remains attached to their phone 24/7, but expecting to get a text back is all natural. When a person is interested in you, no matter what he’ll always text you back. No excuses! So, if you just keep on wondering why he never texts you back, then it might definitely be a sign to move on girl. It simply means he is not that into you.  


He only seems to be interested in hook up and not in knowing you


If even after spending so much time with him, he doesn’t make much efforts to know things about you. And the only thing he seems interested is in hooking up, then clearly he isn’t with you for a long-term relationship. Better to accept the fact then regret later.


Wrapping up:

Remember that you deserve the best and nothing less. You are a good soul who deserves to be with another good soul and not someone who treats you his option. So, if you feel that the guy you seeing acts kinda shady, then it’s time to ditch him and move on. Just keep in mind to never make someone your priority so that you can be their option. Period!