How to Spot a Fake Dating Profile

Online dating has been highlighted since last few years and it’s still getting a pretty good response from singles of all ages. From guys to ladies, lesbians to gays, Christians to non-Christians, online dating has left no community untouched. But, as we know the grass is always greener on the other side, online dating too have some negative side which needs to be revealed. In today’s time, online dating sites are full of scammers and cons. Online dating scamming has ruined this trending and beneficial dating platform a lot. Out of total online dating profiles created on such sites, around 10% turns out to be fake. In such scenarios, If you are a single ready to mingle kind of person, who is looking for someone special on one of online dating platform, how will you spot a fake dating profile? Well, let us help.

Tips to Spot a Fake Dating profile


There are some simple ways to spot an online dating scammer. The dating profile is a scam, if:


If the person belongs to another country, like those of Nigeria


Without being biased, we would like to say that dating profiles created from countries like Nigeria, Ukraine, and the Philippines are most likely to be fake. We are not saying this on the basis of some imaginary thoughts but with some hard-core facts. According to a survey done on 60,000 banned dating profiles, around  28% were based out of Nigeria, 23% in Ukraine, and 21% in the Philippines. This shows that most of the online dating scammers belong to these countries and you should always keep an eye out while dealing with them.


If his/her dating profile is incomplete


Most of the scammers miss to complete their dating profiles and this can be due to a number of reasons. Maybe they do not have that much of time as they are dating a couple of persons at one time, or maybe because they did not get sufficient information that can satisfy their fake dating profile and so on. But, that’s not important. What actually should be important to you is to pay attention to such incomplete and fake dating profiles. Hence, before you fall in love with that sexy profile picture, delve into his/her dating profile and check whether he has missed some information or not. If you find that most of the information is missing - except if the name, age, and location - take it as a red flag. The person might have skipped this information because he is more interested in texting and scamming. Stay alert!


If the person is making too many grammar mistakes in texts?


One need not be a grammar nazi to be on an online dating site and we completely agree on this. But, the case is different when you see a grammar mistake even in simple English sentences like texting “they’re instead of their”. Even if you do not find anything suspicious about these grammar mistakes, you should still think twice while reverting back to such profiles. After all, no one would like to date a guy or a girl who does not know the basic English grammar.

Hope this works for you!