Adorable Things About Dating a Shy Guy!

He may not as quick as you on initiating conversation, but he can surely beat you in paying attention to the conversations. He may fumble sometimes and that is because of your charm, but he is always Adorable! In today’s article, you will learn some of the cutest things that shy guys always do. So, let’s get started.


He never misses a chance to shower his love and emotions on you, and know it is all too true!


If you are dating a shy guy, seeing him showering his love and emotions on you at right time will be your favorite thing. Even if you had a bad day at the office, he will comfort you by giving that extra special attention. He may call your friends or relative to join for a nice time or simply create a cozy and romantic scenario helping you get rid out of stress and tension. All this may make him struggle a lot to put himself out there, but the best part is that he does it for you. This is why he is the perfect adorable shy boyfriend you could ever have.


He listens to you like a true boyfriend


How was your day, what did you make cry, how your best friend got ditched and how worried you are about her life, and so on? These are a very small part of the endless talks that you share with your shy boyfriend. The best part about him is that he listens to it, sincerely. No matter how boring are the talks and how off topic are these talks appears to him, he will keep listening to you with due attention. His attention to detail will be unmatched.


He is so multi-talented


There is one thing that is quite common in shy guys i.e. they are multi-talented. You will keep noticing his hidden talent with the passage of time. Ohh you know speaking French fluently, You know how to cook grilled sushi and so on. Things similar to this will always surprise you.


He still gets nervous around you


The cutest thing you will get if dating a shy guy is that he still gets a kind of nervous at some time. Maybe while planning something special for you or telling you an important thing, you will find him shying and fumble. How adorable is that!


He knows how to respect and behave


Shy guys are super respectful and well mannered. No matter to who he is talking - a security guard of your building or your best friend - Thank You and Please are his best words. You can't stop falling in love with him when he does that, Right?




These were a few things that you will relate to if dating a shy guy. They are adorable, they are cute, they are loving, and they are the one who cares the most. So, all you ladies out there, keep enjoying and cherishing your special moments with a shy, well-mannered, and loving date. Happy Dating!