Some Silly Mistakes Single Ladies Make- Secret Revealed!

“There is a huge difference between settling and compromising. I do not want to date every other guy out there. I’am waiting for my Mr. Right”- Isn’t this something we tell ourselves (and to others too, for that matter) quite often? We do feel proud to wait for something really magical, while every other person we meet is getting into relationships. Agree? But, let’s be honest, we do miss being in a loving relationship sometimes (many times). And feel bad for ourselves for not being able to find our true love!

You’ll be astonished to know that while waiting for your Mr. Right, you could be passing up tons of Mr. Rights. The right guys are all around, but you miss on giving them a chance. Just by making a small difference in your perspective, you can find someone you’ll be really happy with and fall completely in love with. So, here are some of the mistakes single ladies commit that might be stopping them to change their relationship status:

Feeling entitled


Sure, you have a ton of friends who tell you that you are great and you deserve equally great things. You are such a good catch that any man would be lucky to have you in his life. You might be a good catch (no doubt), but you are also a human and not perfect at the end of the day. Somebody is going to have to put up with you for the rest of his life. Do not forget this. As an exercise, just make a list of all the reasons that a guy would not like to date you. Since you think you are a pretty good coach, you wouldn’t think you had that many things, at first. Keep in mind that what you think of as cute, endearing and quirky might be really annoying to someone else. However, he would love you so much that he would overlook every flaw. You too need to do the same with him. Everybody need to comprise at some level or the other.

Thinking you have unlimited options


Let’s just examine a situation- you walk into a store to buy a sweater. You know exactly what kind of sweater you want. You do find something great, but you wonder if there is something better out there and so you keep on searching. But in the end, after two more weeks of searching for the perfect sweater, you wonder if you should have instead bought the one originally. So, if you think you have unlimited options, you’ll keep on looking for the rest of your life.

Being judgemental


Many men have this common complain about women that they judge a lot. When guys decide to get into a relationship, they search for someone good enough to fall in love with. That person may not be perfect as per the outside world, but whatever a guy sees in her, he does. Men do not micro-analyze every aspect of the girl they date. However, this is not the case when it comes to women.

Wrapping up:

Looking out for someone really worth our efforts and time is right enough, but rejecting just every other guy based on some minor aspects will never let you find the true love of your life. So, think wisely and decide smartly!