How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Online dating trends are gaining momentum with the speed of the light and this has contributed to the positive growth of its audience around the world. But things completely change when single persons are targeted by a group of online dating scammers for not-so-good intentions. People are targeted for money, sex, and other reasons that are making them think twice while registering on another dating site. In this article, we will learn how to avoid online dating scams and protect ourselves from being scammed. The main focus will be on spotting an online dating scammer with some common sense and one of the giant search engine we have, Google.

So, let’s get started.


Do not share your personal details


No matter how cool and trustworthy the second person appears to be, if you are dating him online, do not share your personals details with him. No doubt, top trending online dating sites are now equipped with high-tech security features but so as the scammer will be. They would be using the quirkiest ways to impress you. They will simply drag your emotional sentiments to a point wherein you will be forced to reveal your secrets, personal details and much more. So, do take care of these things and never share confidential details with someone whom you have met just a few days back from an online dating platform.


Do not aim for long-term relationships on online dating sites


No doubt, the main purpose of an online dating site is to help you find that someone special but it does not mean that you need to look for long-term relationships in every single person you are attracted to. Most of the profiles that you will see on such sites will include non-serious persons who are there just for fun and if you are attracted to one of those persons, you will be getting only broken hearts and teary eyes in the end. So, get started with these sites with not-so-serious intentions. Filter profiles on the basis of your interests and interact with them. Once you find that one person who is destined to be your Mr. perfect, go ahead for long-term relationships goals.


Take help from Google to spot scammers


Online dating sites are full of scammers and fake profiles. But the good part is, you can spot such profiles with a few simple tips. One of them is to Google the name of such persons and check their authenticity. If the person is showing his genuine profile, Google will catch his name and other details and will show you the same on SERP results. Else, you will see no results related to his profile. Doing so, you will get an idea with whom you should start interacting more and to whom you should put on your block list.



Online dating scams do happen but it can be avoided with a few simple tricks that we have mentioned in this article. So, next time you plan to register on one of the dating websites, do consider these tips for a safe and secure dating.

Hope this works for you.

Happy Dating!