Know How to Behave After the First Date

The very first impression that one makes on a date decides the course of communication and relationship afterwards. But, there are a number of guys out there who make a BIG mistake after the first date- knowing how to behave! The way you act after the first date can be a more crucial determinative factor than the meeting itself.

The very basic steps for presenting yourself authentically to your date involves discovering and embracing your most genuine, authentic self and then learning why you should be attracted to the person. This is a crucial time for you to know the person you date- their good, their bad and also letting them to know you on a similar level. The way in which you behave in between dates can either draw people closer to you or can even push them away. Hence, knowing how to behave after the first date is very important.

Keep in mind that it was only one date


It is quite natural for people to judge immediately after only first date. One need to have some perspective while deciding their feelings. Remember that no matter how you felt, whether you had a great time or felt just okay, it was only one encounter and making any sweeping decisions so early is a foolish thing to do. In case there was a very little spark between you two, do not think it as something not worth pursuing. Consider giving the person a next chance unless and until there were quite obvious red flags. If your first date went really well, just consider the fact that it was only one date and the other person might not have felt the same towards you. You two are still not in a relationship yet, thus try to look at a bigger perspective instead of jumping to conclusions.

DO NOT overanalyze


While it is quite necessary to examine your feelings about the person after the first date, however overanalyzing can do you more harm than good. Obsessing over the meaning of every little detail such as a hug, hand touch or a gesture is something you should avoid trying. We agree that small details sometimes can indicate a character trait, they can prove to meaningless as well. For instance, in case the other person checked their phone during the date, you might think that person to be inconsiderate. If this happened only once throughout the whole date, they might be checking time or waiting for an important call. Try not to overanalyze such small incidents too much.  

Decide whether you wish a second date


Sometimes it happens that you know for sure that you do want a second date with the person. However, sometimes it tends to be confusing for you. Know that there is no pressure over you if you do not want to go on a second date. But, if you had a decent time with someone, giving them a second chance is worth it. In case, you felt really uncomfortable with your date, it is best to just move on.

Identify any potential red flags


Red flags, sometimes show up quite early. In case the other person showed up inappropriate or rude behaviours more than once, then know that this person is not worth pursuing for sure. Just trust your instinct. If you feel a bad vibe about someone, do not keep seeing them.

Figure out the level of attraction


A second date may not be worth it if you felt completely no attraction towards the other person. However, just know that you may not be madly attracted to someone on the very first meet. So, if felt that the other person looks decent (even if they couldn’t make you sweep off your feet) a second date to see if attraction develops is worth it.

Wrapping up:

Deciding how to act means deciding how you feel. Think about whether you want to meet the other person again and communicate this to them. Sometimes, interactions can be quite uncomfortable. However, a little etiquette can aid you to sail smoothly through the days following a first date.