Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself After The First Date

Dating in the modern day is definitely tricky. It is perhaps far more challenging in today’s time than ever in the history of mankind. Because of so many dating apps available today making it easier for people to meet, establishing a real connection with someone is becoming increasingly difficult.

You meet up someone and make small talk for few hours in the hope of coming out as a fascinating and charming person. In fact, you secretly hope to discover the same about them as well. But are you really sure about their real feelings and intention towards you? Assuming things will only drive you crazy. However there are certain signs which can make you get their intention towards you. So, here are some of the crucial questions revealed that you need to ask yourself before assuming things:

Did your date listen to you?

Did the person executed active listening or did she just turn everything that you said back onto her? Did she made any conscious efforts to focus on you? Did she try to not only hear you but also made efforts to understand the entire message being sent to her? If the answers to all these questions is a definite yes, then surely your date is interested in you.

How many drinks were ordered during the date?

Yes, this seem an odd question, but is equally important. The number of drinks ordered during the date might be the symbol for how much time the person wants to spend with you. In case, if she was done ordering after the very first drink, it is clear that she wants to leave. No matter how many excuses she gives for covering it, it is all in front of you, guys. You really need to think why would she want to leave so early? The only reason is that she is not interested enough in you. No women is going to admit this fact bluntly. And so, it is you who should notice such gesture and save your time and money. Do not fall for any kind of excuses and just end the date as quickly and as casually as is possible.

Was her energy positive or negative?

It has a lot to do with whether your date was happy in your company or not. A positive energy of theirs indicate that they were genuinely happy to be there with you. No matter what, they truly wanted to have a good date with you. On the other hand, a negative energy means that the person is indirectly showing their unhappiness by criticizing the food, the staff, the restaurant and the other things. Just keep this in mind that whatever energy a person reflects on the first date will be amplified once you are in a relationship with them (if in case it happens). So, decide wisely.

Did she ever referred the future in the conversation?

No, we are not talking about the marriage here, but about the next date. Did she giving you some random cute assignments such as watching something really interesting in one of her favourite shows or some YouTube clip she likes. This is an obvious sign of saying that she wants to continue the conversation outside the date as well. If there was some little mention of the topic that she wants to revisit in days to come, or if there is no verbal indication of “next time”, you really need to make out a conscious attempt in the entire conversation you had with your date. It is quite natural for someone to share the things they enjoy with someone. In case her references strictly stay in the present tense and she rarely inquires about your interests, then clearly she has no intention of sharing anything with you. So, just move on to someone more interesting!

Wrapping up:

These are some of the sure-shot-signs of analyzing someone’s level of interest in you. So, make sure to pay attention to all these reactions of the other person during the date and know whether they are really into you or not!