Five Enlightening Dating Advice for Shy Guys

You like a women. But you act awkwardly when she is around you. You picture different scenarios in your head about mustering up the courage and asking her out. But you could not actually do it. And then something happens which leaves you mad and devastated at yourself- she hooks up with another guy. Now you feel that your shyness is taking away all the happiness out of your life and you start feeling like a loser. This is a call out for all the shy guys out there- Do you think that your natural-born tendencies are keeping you single? Then you really need to think about it!

For some of the guys, asking a girl out is a big deal. They are very shy in their behavior and find it really difficult to express themselves. Making an eye contact or holding a conversation is not their cup of tea. But, sometimes this shy behavior becomes the biggest obstacle to their dating life. It doesn’t really have to be this way. Being a shy person doesn’t have to come in between your dating life. There are many guys out there who are effortlessly confident, outgoing and charming. And remember, women are often attracted to such confident guys more than anything else. However, the fact is that your shyness is something that you can work on. If you also one of those shy guys, then here are some useful dating advice for you:


Stop worrying about your looks

You must have observed this thing yourself that women do hook up with all sorts of men. So, do not believe any junk that the magazines or television try feeding your heads with. Looking extraordinarily good, having six pack abs, and wearing latest fashions and colognes is not something which you necessarily need to do in order to impress the women. When it comes to real life, women get on with confident guys, even if he tends to be bald, overweight, short or ugly, for that matter.

Upgrade your thinking

Second guessing yourself and having negative thoughts will only make the situation worse. So, the mantra is to always have your best qualities at the forefront of your mind and lookout for all the positive evidence that women do actually like you.


Enhance your body language

Do you hunch while walking? Sweep your hands into your pockets? And stare at the ground? Remember, when you emphasise on having a strong and confident body language, you’ll begin to feel more confident about yourself. Also, smile often. This is because when you try hard to behave in a certain way, your brain releases appropriate chemicals and the feelings become real.


Take one step at a time

Remember that you are not required to become Mr. Perfect overnight. So, start by conversing with two to three strangers each time you step out, and try becoming comfortable with the interactions. Your words doesn’t really need to be meaningful or deep, they just need to get the interaction flowing.


DO NOT worry about being cool

A majority of guys feel it difficult to express themselves around a women because they are way too focused on seeming “cool”. This makes them to overanalyze and overthink everything. But here is a lesson for you- women do not want cool, they want fun. Keep in mind that women, in general are extremely forgiving creatures if they find you fun to be around. So, when you are out, give yourself permission to be a little silly and just loosen up a bit.

Wrapping up:

There are a lot of women who actually appreciate shy guys and tend to be attracted towards them. The statement that introverted and shy guys are awkward and weird is a misconception. Many women seek quiet personality in order to either complement or to balance their own persona. However, if your shyness is impacting your ability to meet that special someone in your life, then you do need to shift your perception.