Impress Your Prospective Date with These Profile Pic Tips

Do you know it just takes one-tenth of a second for someone to make an impression after looking at your profile pic? No matter how long the person look at the pic, the first impression doesn’t really change.

This fact seems scary when it comes to online dating. The photos that you put up there on your profile have only one chance to either get swiped right or to make someone stuck at you. Don’t worry. We have combined some of the best tips for you to impress your prospective date with your profile pic:

Keep things natural

The weird thing that most people do is to put up overly posed photo on their profiles. This only makes you look comical and not impressive at all. You may not be a model and getting yourself clicked giving natural pose may not be natural for you. But, fussy and fake poses are something that you must avoid at any cost. Try to get clicked while having a conversation with someone or while responding to someone. This will look more natural and thus more aesthetically pleasing.

Do not be just a stock image

In a world, where we need to give proof on anything and everything to be believed, putting a single picture of yours is not enough. Put at least two to three photos in order to make your potential date confident about your real existence. In terms of exact numbers, more than one and less than 12 photos is a perfect deal.

Good lighting makes the difference

Lighting is the key to an amazing profile picture. This is a well-known fact. Yes, in today’s tech-savvy world, you can edit almost anything, however no amount of edit apps can fix a bad lighting. Nothing can match the sun-soaked outdoor lighting. A dim, warm kind of bathroom lighting can also work.

Depict how you really look

One of the biggest turn-offs when talking about online dating is faking about your real appearance and other characteristics. Your pictures that are more than five to six years old shouldn’t be there on your profile. Won’t you be really pissed off in case your date turns out looking entirely different than how he/she depicted themselves online? So, you should also not do that to someone else as well.

Follow the color code

The color that you wear in your profile photo can have a big impact on how many people reach out to you. It’s a proven fact. A study done on this fact showed that women who wore red color received more messages from men than women wearing other colors. On the other hand, men wearing black or dark blue got more contacts from women.

Men should show pride while women should smile

It has been seen that men are more drawn to a woman showing happiness and less attracted to the ones showing pride. And, in contrary, women are mostly attracted to men who smirk and show pride. Pride usually is described as “expanded chest, head tilted up, and arms raised above head in fists”, while happiness is described as “smiling broadly”. So, ladies, smile more and guys need to feel proud of themselves!

Wrapping up:

Let’s agree to the fact that we today live in a “swipe right-swipe left” world online. And you surely would not want to be left out just because of an unsure pic. Making an impression in the online world is far difficult as compared to the real world. So, just remove the photos that only your mother would love and follow these amazing profile pic tips to get on top of online competition.