Top 5 Red Flags to Watch Out while Dating Online

Dating online is full of risks. To trust someone behind your screen is not easy but it’s neither a rocket science. Here’s a quick guide that tells about 5 red flags you should not ignore while dating online.

Have a look at them.


The profile picture is too hot to handle

Did you find his/her profile picture too hot to be handled? If yes, hold on before you lose your senses. Hot and sexy profile pictures - be it a sexy lady or a hot guy - mostly point to the scammer group. Genuine profiles on dating websites are made to present the real person not their body curves. And if someone is more interested in showing his/her body, take it as a red flag.

What to do: Check out his name and profile photo on google to see if they both relate to the same person or not. In most of the cases, the result will be in negative and you know what to do - BLOCK!!


The answers are always indirect and straight

Nowadays scammers are using the bot technology to trap people. They are not interested in talking to their victims and hence take advantage of bots, a method of sending automatic machine generated texts. However, you can identify texts based on their response to check whether they have sent via bots or a real person. Being automated, bots cannot respond in an indirect way. They can answer any question in a straight and indirect way and that’s how you can identify them.

What to do: Ask something complicated that cannot be answered in one line or direct way. If you get a straight answer that does not justify your question, it’s a bot.


Every text comes out to be a sext

Scammers are always in hurry. Unlike real dates, they won’t give you time to understand their likes and dislikes. Instead of that, they will try to appease you with bold and sexy comments. They will always try to lure you with lots of sexts than texts.

What to do: If you receive texts like: “Lol are you in the bed? I wish I could be there” in very first two conversations, take it as a scammer. The person behind those texts either wants your money or your body, nothing else.


You are asked to leave the dating site ASAP


Dating sites are made to let people across boundaries interact with each other. But scammers won't be requiring that. The main purpose of online dating scammer is to identify a profile and target it for not-so-good intentions. The moment he/she gains your trust, you will be asked to leave the website as soon as possible. This is done to stay safe from any kind of leakage that can reveal their true colors.

What to do: Never leave the dating website at someone’s request and order. Instead, use website security features to know the hidden truth.


Trash talking about previous relationships


Gaining sympathy to gain trust is the oldest and the most-effective trick that most of the scammers have used. If your date is telling you how his girlfriend cheated on him or how her husband mistreats her life, at early stages of dating, take it as a red flag. These things are not to be spoken too early. Even if the person is not a scammer, such talks indicate that he/she do not know how to satisfy with less. Their negative attitude made them out of their relationship and would tend to transfer the same negativity to you.

What to do: Be very clear with your thoughts and talks. Tell them you are not interested in such talks and just block him/her. You deserve someone who brings positivity and good things to your life.


The Takeaway

Do not trust someone just by looking into his/her hot profile picture or a couple of sexts. Finding out your true love is not easy but do not make it worse by falling into the prey of online dating scammer. Date with diligence and you will meet your perfect date soon.

Hope this works for you.