How to Avoid Your First Dates Going Awkward?

First dates are incredibly intimidating and daunting social situations. Thoughts like- what to wear, what to say, how to talk, just make you go crazy. And then the awkwardness that comes with dating a person for the first time is often nerve-wracking!

You want to appear comfortable around the person, but also at the same time, do not want to let your guard down. You neither want to come off as too strong nor want the person to feel like you are disinterested. Moreover, between the nervousness, expectations and excitement, the first date often doesn’t go as planned. So, instead of worrying about it, look at these easy ways to dodge the awkwardness that comes with first dates:


Just Relax


This is the first step which you need to follow. Just remember that the person you are meeting is not a Greek god, but just another human. Though you cannot always cease the nerves from flowing, the more relaxed you remain, the more likely is that your conversation will flow as usual.


Wear something in which you feel comfortable


When it comes to first dates, it is always better to be underdressed than overdressed. Trying to pull off something you don’t feel comfortable in will only add to your nervousness. So, opting for a simple dress is always a smart way to go.


Do not try to appear as perfect


Trying to pretend as if you are a perfect person to date is surely going to backfire on you. Eventually he’ll find out the real you and he either will like that person or not. In case he doesn’t like the person that you are in real, then making him believe that you are a little different is not going to keep him. But hey, you shouldn’t want to date a guy who doesn’t like the person you are in real. Isn’t it? So, do not forget this.


Having some filter isn’t bad


There is a distinction between the stuff you share with your best friends and the general public. So, when you are trying to figure out about the kind of conversation you are about to have on the first date, use the similar barometer. No matter how comfortable you get with your date, but you probably do not want to tell something really personal on the very first date and make things awkward. Stay a little bit mysterious so that there will be more things for them to learn about you on the second date.


Do not bring up past relationships


Every person comes with baggage. However, when you are trying to start something fresh, your new date would never like to hear about the one you were with before them. Remember that an ex is an ex for some reason, so keep your previous love life out of the conversation.


Keep your phone away


When you are on a date (especially first date) with someone, DO NOT take your phone out during lunch or even during conversation. Providing someone your undivided attention is extremely rude. The time that you and your date spend on a date should only be devoted entirely to know each other. You may want to take out your phone to show the other person something interesting, but try not to do that as well as this could cause many other awkward situations of completely different kind. So, just keep your phone in your bag.


Offer to split the bill at the end


While some men still feel like they should be the one paying for the date, remember chivalry isn’t just for the men. Letting the men pay all the bill will not only be unfair on your end but can also make the date quite awkward. Also, you do not want to feel obligated to go on a second date just because they paid for the first one.


Wrapping up:

Just keep these simple things in your mind when going on a first date and make it an amazing experience for both you, as well as your date.