How to Report a Dating Scam

Time is evolving and so as the techniques that scammers use. Gone are the days when scammers used to be over smart and over pleasant to steal women’s heart and money. Nowadays, even girls are into this game and trust us, they are playing it pretty well. From the techniques to the technology, online dating scammers are using every inch of the latest technology and fashion trends to appease victims. They are hard to identify and irresistible to ignore. In such situations, if you get to hear about someone being scammed, assist him/her with the following points. Help the victim to take the desired action against the scam and expose the scammer in a legal way.

Here’s a quick guide that tells you how to report an online dating scam. Have a look at it.


Step-1: Be patient


Being scammed often leads to an aggressive outcome and that’s the first mistake victim often commit. You cannot get anything back if you will reveal the scammer about his unfolded truth. You need to be patient and take the right action to reveal his true identity. Your main focus should be on collecting evidence you can show to the police.


Step-2: Collect evidence

Once you are confirmed that he has been fooling you for money and other reasons, the next step is to collect evidence. Go back to the day when you met him. From his profile information on an online dating website to the letters and emails that he sent you throughout a fake relationship should be collected. You will require them all while investigating. It will help the cybercrime team to take strict action against his wrongdoings.


Step-3: Report to your local state/federal enforcement agency

You can either visit their office in person or mail them about this scam. Make sure to attach all the documents and evidence in both photocopy and original form along with the mail. Besides this, you can also report to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of your country.


Step-4: Inform the concerned embassy

If the dating scammer resides in a different country, do not forget to report to the embassy concerned. Plus you should report to their embassy located in your country as well. For example, if you live in New York and the scammer resides in England, you should send your complaint to the England Embassy and New York Embassy in England.


Step-5: Follow up

If you feel the concerned agency or embassy is not taking any interest in your complaint, keep reminding them through regular emails and letters. You can send them a follow-up mail or visit their offices in person, if possible. If nothing works, get some help of a newspaper publications and let others know about this scam. This will trigger the issue and the concerned agency will be forced to take the desired action.


Step-6: Promote it socially

Though your broken heart is not a piece of show, you still can save someone’s life by exposing the scammer on social media. Make a decent Facebook/ Twitter post explaining the online dating scam. Do share his photos and profile to let others know about this scammer so that he cannot play with emotions and feelings anymore.


The Takeaway

These were a few steps that you can follow to report any kind of online dating scam. Whether it’s you or your best buddy who went through a dating scam, these steps will always be useful. Hence, kindly follow the rules and take the right steps against such cyber-crimes. Hope this works for you.