Things to Avoid Doing After a First Date

While things can be rosy, but equally awkward after a first date. The thoughts about the other person and the never-ending confusion about their intentions and your impression on them can live you overwhelming. You want to contact them but then still want to see if they contact you first. Doesn’t all this seem relatable?

While the interactions can oftentimes be confusing and a little bit uncomfortable, your etiquette can really help you navigate the days smoothly after a first date. Below is a list of few things you should avoid doing at any cost no matter what kind of first date you have had recently:

Going text crazy

If the text monster within you is persuading you to text the other person you went on a first date with even when they haven’t replied to your last messages, we recommend you to take a deep breath and keep your phone away from your hands. Meeting someone you feel a connection with releases oxytocin within your body and removes any sense of restrain you used to have. Sending a number of texts or staring at your phone continuously won’t do much good if the other person is not responding you as quickly as you would like. After all, it was just a date and not a proposal.  

Saying phrases like “I was thinking of you”

This might seem romantic and a way to show your date that you are into them. However, saying this in the very first message after the first date is a big no even if the person is all over your mind. This sentence can very easily portray you as a super clingy person and you sure do not want them to get any such idea. Isn’t it?

Over analyzing every stuff

Let’s agree upon the fact that we all are guilty of over analyzing sometimes. However, this is not a healthy practice at all. Wondering about every act and intention when it comes to dating is pointless. You can know about the interest level of your date only if they agree for another date.

Sending them friend request on social media

It has been only a couple of hours since you met, and you already sent them a friend request on Facebook. Don’t you think it is too early? While social media can be a really good way to keep in touch with someone, it can also lead to a whole set of problems. Even if you have had a gala time together on the first date, adding them on a social media just after one meet can prove to be quite awkward, especially if the second date with the person doesn’t work out. Before being friends on Facebook, it is important for you to be friends in real life first.

Acting like you are already in a relationship

Some people really seem to get confused of the fact that ‘one date does not make a relationship’. It is not required of the other person to return your calls immediately, help you with your chores and become your emotional support just after one date. One should clearly know the difference between dating and being in a relationship.

Getting overboard with emoji

A simple text that says you enjoyed the day together is more than sufficient to show your interest. Sending an excess of emoji to indicate your state of mind seem irritating as hell. So, just keep your emotions in control and avoid going overboard with emoji.

Telling your family and friends that you have met The One

Going on a date with the person you like is always exciting and sure makes you want to tell your friends and family about this amazing person. However, telling everyone only to find out later that they don’t really want a second date can make you feel deflated. So, it is better to restrain yourself until you become exclusive.

Wrapping up:

Just remember that patience is a virtue when your aim is to develop a long-lasting relationship. So, keep yourself calm and in control of your emotions after the first date and plan the second date patiently and rightly.