How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer

line dating scammers are hard to recognize because they do everything perfectly. But this perfection is what makes them stand out from the crowd. You can recognize an online dating scammer through his perfection. Nobody's perfect and if your date is doing everything perfectly and quickly, it may be because of his well-planned strategy and experience of dating multiple girls.

If you have just joined an online dating platform or are about to join the same for finding your love, do take care of a few things before you go too far in your dating relationship. Asking a few questions as mentioned in this article would help you spot an online dating scammer.

Here’s a quick guide.


Is Google recognizing his photo and name?


If the person with whom you are dating is fraud, you will get a hint from his profile picture and personal information. The best way to unfold the truth is to delve into his dating profile and match the information on other social media channels. If he has shared a genuine dating profile with you, he must be having the similar profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. You can also google his name to check whether search engine recognizes his name and profile or not. This is the basic thing you can do to spot any online dating scammer.


Does he always run from personal questions?


Early dating is the most challenging yet crucial stage. A single mistake can ruin your entire life so, make sure you deal it with due diligence. Since you both are new to each other, do not hesitate to ask questions about his previous life. What he does, where he lives, and what kind of friend circle does he belong to are some of the essential questions you should ask your date. This reassures you that the person you are dating with is genuine and not a scammer. There is no need to show any hurry. Take your time, understand his likes & dislikes, and then jump to the conclusion.


Is he doing everything perfectly?


Small things make a difference and you can take advantage of that. Online dating scammers are perfectionists but they do make some common mistakes that you can catch, if possible. The trick is to pay attention to their way of talking. What he says - too quickly or too perfectly - shows that he might have dated a couple of girls and you might be another one. If he forces you to quit the online dating platform or requests you to meet in person and if you think he said it too early, hold on as it may be an alarming situation for something wrong. So, pay attention to each and every detail he shows in front of you and get ready for surprises and shocks.


Is he trying to isolate you from friends and family?


If your date is genuine, he will never try to isolate you from your family and friends. Instead, he would love to have a cup of coffee with your loved ones. If he is doing the reverse, something wrong is cooking on his mind. He might be an online dating scammer and trying to hide his identity from others.



Did he ask for money?


This may vary from person to person but if your date is an online dating scammer, he would be asking you for money, sooner or later. The main purpose of any online dating scammer is fooling people who come online for finding their love partners and steal their personal account information. But, before grabbing your account details, he might ask you for money for a number of reasons. Hence, you should be careful while sending money to him. Never share your account details with him and if he asks for money more than three times, take it as an indication of something wrong. 

These were a few things that you should take care of while dating someone online. As we know that prevention is better than care, so,  prevent yourself from such online dating scammers rather than falling into their prey and regret it later. Hope this works for you.