Know What to Text Her After the First Date?

Have you ever got the chance to go on a date with your crush? If you are smiling reading this, then definitely the answer to the question is yes. First dates with the crush of your life are always incredible. It fills you with all the ‘love-jitters’ and makes you feel like you are 17 again! However, there is also a difficult part associated with this scenario. Knowing whether your date also feel the same or not? Don’t you agree?

So before you start going nuts over the question and making assumptions, it is good to text your date and analyse their feelings. Texts are an easy as well as an efficient way to maintain communication with the beautiful person you just went on a first date with. While calls are awkward and requires all your attention then and there, texting is a low-risk and low-pressure mode to contact someone. But before contacting the person, you should be well aware about the right things to communicate with person. After all, this is a sensitive phase and should be handled carefully with complete awareness. So here are some of the tips on what you should text her after the first date:

Ask if she reached home safely

This is an old custom but works nicely. It shows that you care about the safety of the person and not just interested in hanging out with her. After all, chivalry matter guys! Check out if she reached her home right and wish her good night. As soon as you reach home and get settled, send her a quick text. This is a perfect way to cap a beautiful evening. In case, she happens to be still on her way to home, ask her to ping you up when she makes it home. This will also open the door to further conversations. Moreover, you will get a glimpse of the girl’s interest in you. If she isn’t that into you, she most probably will stop texting you. So, this is a powerful way to know the intentions and to heat up the things further.

Let her know that you had a great time

Okay, so let’s reveal some secret here! Women, for the most part, are as nervous about the first date as you are. They like to know that the date went well and you enjoyed it. No matter how visible it was, hearing the other person say that they had a great time with you is still good. So, tell her that you had a gala time with her and looking forward to reliving it again.

Mention some high point of the date

Now, this is a great way to remind her of all the best moments you enjoyed together while also showing that you were attentive the entire evening. Indicate some lighthearted and fun moment of the date. For instance, if you two watched some movie and laughed together on a particular scene, make a lighthearted joke about it. This way you will return her back to the frame of mind she was in when you two were having a nice time together. This is a key to communicating with the girls after the first date. Subtly reminding her that she had a good time with you. This memory will solidify all the positive impressions she made about you already.

Let her know that you want to see her again

There is this one thing that almost all girls need- reassurance. There is no other better way to end the things. This way you making her reassured of the fact that you had a great time with her and that you are damn into her. It also shows that you really want to meet her again. This can be done subtly by suggesting a suitable place and time. For instance, ‘let’s catch up this Saturday after you get free of work’. This expresses your interest in her, solidifies the connection between you two, while also opening the door for the second date. However, do not be overly pushy or specific. Remember, there is a fine line between coming out as a desperate person or an interested one. It actually amazes me how many people complain about not getting a chance to go on second dates that they never really asked for!

Wrapping up:

So, become the guy who texts her rightly. Apart from making a good impression on her with these texting principles, you’ll also find yourself making a stronger and deeper connections with the other person after the first date.