Safety Tips to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Online Dating Scams

Finding your someone special on the online dating platform is cool unless or until you do not fall into prey of any online dating scam. It is very unfortunate to say that there are a few people who actually misuse the features offered by such online dating platforms. Since the inception of such platforms, we have heard about a number of cases wherein people have been fooled by putting wrong information on the site. Well, the good part is dating sites are getting revamped and we have seen a drastic reduction in the number of dating scam cases. All thanks to the technology, the developers, the designers, and everybody single person who contributed in a safe and secure online dating website. Nowadays, the online dating platforms offer a decent protective layer to the personal details of its registrants. To avoid dating scams, high-tech security features have been incorporated in online dating websites and apps which is actually bringing back the lost confidence and belief among people.


However, there are some tips that as a registrant, one can follow while availing a facility from any of such website or app. In this article, we will learn about a few things that you should know if dating someone online.  So, without wasting much time, let’s get started with safety tips to avoid online dating scams.


1. Cross check linked social profiles

To check whether your date is showing his/her true face or not, cross-check his/her linked social profiles. You can check out the name of the person on google to see the desired results. Another thing you can do is cross check the personal name and info on popular social media platforms like those of Facebook and Instagram. This is the best way to delve into his/her personal life and check whether your date is hiding something important or not.


2. Use authenticated sites


Technology is changing at the speed of the light and so as the features offered by online dating sites. If you are new to this dating world, start with a website which is secure. The best way to check out the security factor on any website is to look around website’s URL. If the URL of the website starts with “https:/”, you are good to go and if it comes with “HTTP”, the website does not guarantee the safety of your personal information. Such sites are more prone to cyber attacks and hence, your profile picture and personal information can be misused. So, go with secure websites so that you focus more on your date, not on data security.


3. Use built-in security features offered by the sites


To avoid dating scams, the makers of online dating websites are thinking of something big and secure. They keep on adding new features on their website and app that minimizes dating fraud. One of such features is Selfie video feature. This is a unique photo verification feature that asks the registrant to send his/her short selfie video( approx. 7-8 sec long). This is done to verify that the person sending the photograph matches to the one who is in the profile picture. This is a great idea to avoid fraud profile on online dating websites.


The Takeaway


Online dating scams can be avoided if we all follow such sites with due attention and care. Cross-checking profile information on other channels, surfing only secured dating sites, and taking a full advantage of built-in security features are some of the safety tips that you can follow to avoid any kind of online dating scam. So, date online but date with caution.

Hope this works for you.