Early Dating Tips for Christian Women

Found a date on an online dating platform but wondering how to behave and impress? Do not worry as this article will help you take the most tricky decision of early dating as a pro. Be with us in this article and learn about early dating rules. From what to wear to what to expect, we have got you covered.

Here’s a quick guide:

Do not talk about marriage in first seven dates

Early dating is kind of immature dating wherein couples to focus more on knowing each other like and dislikes. At this stage, you should not start marriage talking as it may lead to wrong decisions.

Allow him to take a lead

Men love to take a lead and your date would be no different. He would love to open doors, pay bills, and do everything that his masculine personality allows. Hence, let him do the favors and enjoy being treated like her lady. He would admire if you accept his doings and favors with equal respect and love.

Dress conservatively on your first date

The first date experiences are beautiful and priceless. Make it more special with a decent attire. While choosing a dress for your first date, focus more on elegance than revealing. Do not wear dresses that are revealing. He would not interested in peeking into your dress but to your heart and thoughts. The first date is all about interactions and making each other comfortable. Hence, wear dress conservatively so that he can focus more on your talks and less on your body.

Expecting too much in early dating is harmful

Early dating has no rules and regulations. There is nothing like he needs to call you first and then you will talk and agree to go out. In fact, it’s quite casual. If you feel to talk to him, just dial his number and make a call. You should not think about silly questions like” Should I call him or wait for his call?”, “what if he gets a wrong signal?” etc. If he did not call you, this does not mean he is not interested in you. He might be busy with some other things or just thinking of the beautiful moment that you both shared with each other. So, take a lead and make a call. Let him know how was the date and what did you like the most?

Pay attention to late night invites

If your date invites you to come home after 9:30 PM, pay attention to his intentions. He might be looking into something else. Late night hang out normally lead to physical relationships and if you aren’t ready for that, dare to say a NO. Talk to him and let him know that you are not ready. If he really loves you, he will respect your feelings and take this with due love.

The Takeaway

Through the content of this article, we have tried our level best to highlight some of the essential early dating rules that can help you impress a Christian guy. Do not be too rude as he may think you as a dominating and arrogant lady. But also avoid being too sweet as he may take you for guaranteed. Just strike a perfect balance between the two and enjoy your early dating days with your love. Hope this works for you.