Some Crazy Facts about Dating World

Dating World

Love is crazy! You would agree on this. It makes you see a simple world as a sky filled with rainbow colors, while also transporting you into a rosy world of your own. However, it’s no secret that love and relationships are also complicated as well.

You must have read about a lot of theories, debates, and opinions about the things that work and that doesn’t work when it comes to relationships. Apart from all these different versions of dating Dos and Don’ts, there are a few things about love that are entirely undeniable. If you are also looking forward to breaking away from singlehood and enter into the colorful world of dating, then here are some of the interesting dating facts for you:


Fact 1: Love is no less than a drug


Do you know what is more addictive and high other than cocaine? Well, it’s Love. Being in a loving relationship releases a horde of neurological reactions within the body. It has been found that there is an increased level of oxytocin, dopamine, and adrenaline in the brains of the people who are in love. This causes euphoria-like symptoms, just like what happens with a drug.


Fact 2: Why people fall in love


Do you believe in love at first sight? It does exist, but for only guys, it seems! It has been found that guys are more likely to fall head-over-heels for a girl based on her looks, while girls are more likely to get attracted towards a guy’s behavior. It’s also true that it takes only a minute for a guy to fall for a girl, whereas girls take a considerably longer time in order to fall hard for a guy.


Fact 3: How to make someone love you


This is a dating fact which you surely going to find amusing. It is said that planning an unconventional dating strategy can make someone fall in love with you. Well, it means that on the very first date, plan a date in a restaurant while on a second date, and plan something thrilling and scary such as an amusement park. You both can learn more about each other on the first date to a restaurant which happens to be the most crucial step in creating an emotional connection. The second date to an amusement park can actually make your date to fall in love with you. Want to know how? Studies have proved that scary and thrilling rides such as Ferris wheels and roller coasters increase the production of adrenaline which simulates arousal. This can lead to an increased attraction between the two people. Isn’t it crazy enough?


Fact 4: Being really close to someone doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is meant to be


If you think that your one true love would be with someone who is really close to you, then you are probably wrong. Studies found that two people who felt too close to each other were as likely to break up as the people who didn’t really feel close enough. Note here that some of the couples in the study realigned their definition of closeness over a two-year period, thus enhancing the quality of the relationship.


Fact 5: Love leads to decreased focus


Have you heard of the term ‘lovesick’? While, it is not some disease associated with love, but does actually exist and makes you less productive according to science. It has been found that couples who were in highly passionate love showed reduced efficiency in individual performance. Hence, it is actually true that you lose the ability to focus when in love and constantly think about the other person. Sounds sickening enough!


Fact 6: The balance formula of love


Studies have found that when two people are in love, one person will always love the other one more, at any point of time. Now, this doesn’t indicate that one person is madly in love while the other hates their partner. It actually means that in love, one person plays a significant role in holding the relationship together, while the other one just goes along on the love ride.


Wrapping up:

So these were some of the interesting yet crazy facts about dating. Hope you loved reading them all!