Ways in Which Seniors Can Beat Loneliness Post Separation

 Loneliness Post Separation

It can be a real daunting task to beat loneliness post-separation, but this is nature’s law and no one has the right to tamper it with. Some of the surveys indicate that around 65% of seniors in the United States report that they are isolated and lonely. But the questions arise here, how can they beat their loneliness? What can be the possible alternatives to being in a relationship that can keep them happy and content? Well, there are some alternatives listed below that they can bring into use to find themselves doing something productive –

Online Dating

One of the best ways to beat loneliness is to find a partner who can take care of your loneliness. The one who can turn the loneliness into the time of your life.  Not just partners, sometimes friendships can also arise from online dating. The person on both sides of the screen will have similar feelings and might share bonds which are different from that of dating or love. It can be productive and helpful for both. Let's say for a thought that two people decide to meet one fine day after having talked to each other but they feel it highly unlikely to start a relationship and rather they can be good friends with each other which is also a nice option. Here the person gets good reasons to shed the relationship tag easily and without any doubt too. There is also a high chance that senior daters might find themselves a suitable partner to start a new life.


It can be one of the choices if the seniors tend to spend some time alone or to try and beat their loneliness also. Volunteering is one of the best activities to find friendship and companionship. Meeting similar kind of people with the same sort of enthusiasm often starts the passion in you become companions. There might be the possibilities that the two persons meet at a volunteering activity and date simultaneously.

Communal Living

How often have we seen the seniors living communally for their mutual benefits? This is the reason why the number of people living communally has increased constantly in the recent years giving rise to distant relationships between parents and kids. Many senior residents find or rent a common place to live and share thereby giving rise to more communal and likewise feelings. This offers companionship like none other and the best part is that you live around people with mutual feelings and problems. You can share with them your feelings and beliefs clearly and do not expect them to be shy away.

Tutoring or Mentoring

What can be better for a senior to engage themselves in a productive mentoring or tutoring of those who need such help? While this may seem like an act of volunteering but mostly it is concerned with giving or take the relationship between the elderly and the younger generation. Here you can also beat your loneliness while also learning a whole lot of things too.