Common Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Date

Common Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Date

The first date is always special be it a lesbian date, gay date, or a straight date. The way you dress up, that mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness, creates a memory that stays with you for lifelong. If you too are planning to meet your date for the first time, this article will help you a lot. Be with us in this article and get to know about some common mistakes that can ruin your date.

Here’s a quick guide:

Do not tell her about your failed love stories

Being honest in your relationship – be it a straight or lesbian – is a good thing and we always encourage our readers to be honest with their dates but is it important to tell them everything. No, not at all. If it’s the first date, try to focus on her likes and dislikes rather than making her feel comfortable and bored with your failed love stories.

Do not be cheap

Do you really need to splurge money unnecessarily just to impress or share a night or two with her? Well, if she is really interested in you, things will settle down on their own. You need not get her a 500$ dinner or 1000$ fancy tour because it’s emotions that counts. So, do not make her feel that you are cheap and can get anything with your money power. Be real, down to the earth, and do what she would appreciate like booking a cab for her in the early morning.

Take time to socialize your relationship

Not all lesbians are the same. Some are too shy to reveal their inner identity and others are too brave to blow the trumpet of being a lesbian. Hence, before bringing her to a girl party or at a place where your friends are partying, do ask her. Ask her if she is comfortable and want to meet your friends as a date. If she says a Yes, go ahead; else give her some time to get comfortable with all this. She would appreciate if you ask about her comfort before coming to any conclusion.

Behave properly

Be nice to her and to the waiter who serves food, and the guy who parked his car in your lane, and to any people you encounter. When you are with your date, being nice with everyone is imperative. Present yourself as a positive, loving, and caring date she would never want to leave without. Show her your best side even if you are not interested in.

Limit your expectations

If it’s your first date, do not expect too many things to happen on the same day. Talking loudly, making conclusions, asking her for the first kiss, trying to touch her hands again and again will only make her uncomfortable. If you really like her and want her to be with you for a long time, put a limit to your expectations. Focus on her likes and interests and let her know the same.

The Takeaway

Lesbian dating is special and so as the emotions attached. You can win her heart just with a smile but can ruin the whole scenario with some stupid talking. Hence, the next time you meet your date, avoid repeating these silly mistakes. Impress her with your heart, not with your pocket.

Hope this works for you.