Incorporate Following Conversation breakers to make Your First Gay Date Memorable

Your First Gay Date Memorable

You must have been too anxious to meet the one who might come out to become the partner you so desperately wanted to make. Now, having dated someone for quite some time, its time that you meet and greet and take forward the only relationship you want to share. But asking someone out for the first time might seem to be a tough mountain to climb and there would be all sorts of backs and downs before you actually meet for the first time. There would be second thoughts, notions about him, ideas with no real head and much more about that. But hey, don’t just jump with open arms in joy, you have a whole lot of a date to plan. Check out some real ideas to keep the ball of love rolling with your first gay date –

How to Start the First Conversation

There is one big problem with the online medium available these days. While you can be much chirpy there, it can become really difficult for us to start talking to the person we meet for the first time. It's like you become a completely different person in reality from what you are online. Being so excited about the meeting can sometimes bring nervous memories too. It is bound to be a nervous time meeting for the first time but you have to keep your calm and engage him in a fruitful conversation which is casual by nature. Some of the best gay conversation starters can be –

Favorite Movie

Asking about the favorite movie can be one such icebreaker between the two. You might ask him the reason to like this movie or what he thinks about the actor or actress or the protagonist at times. Try to listen to him very closely and show interest in the particular movie while also having your say at times.

Life Ambitions

While this may seem a little on the downside of your fantastically cool life, but talking about the ambition of life with your partner is one strong step. It instills confidence not only in him but also inside you to achieve your life ambitions. If you ask him about his achievements and goals and ambitions, it might let him start conversations which have not been started yet. This could prove to be entertaining too.

Favorite Hobbies

Everybody likes to talk about their hobbies and interest and this could be one of the best ways to keep him talking. You must ask him about his interests and he will open up. Even if says that he does not have any specific hobby, do not just stop the conversation. You must have some follow up questions such as if he likes sports, clubbing, reading or anything else. You must show interest in the specifics to start a wonderful conversation. You should also tell about your hobbies and interests and that you would love to show him how you do it. This makes him believe that you are also caring and not only listening to him.


This can prove to be the best conversation starter for you as traveling is one such aspect liked by all. Ask if he would love to travel with you at some place or the place he would like to take you? Ask him if he has ever been out to the other country or on what occasion, alone or with someone or on a project or office duty.