How to Confess a Past Relationship

We all have a past and there is nothing wrong in that. What’s actually wrong is hiding your past from your significant other who is right now in love with you. Here, we are focussing on some scenarios when couples engaged in date chose to hide a thing or two from each other. But is it right to keep such things as a secret? If yes, for how long? What if your partner gets to know about this after marriage? Will he treat you the same way as he did earlier?

These were a few questions that men and women with a past relationship afraid of. They see themselves struggling with these thoughts every then and now but hardly find any courage to reveal them.

Today’s article is based on the same topic - honest dating. We will discuss how important it is to talk about past relationship in early dating days. Should you force her/him not to leave your side even if he/she wants to? Let’s learn this in detail.

Confess to your Date

If you are dating a Christian single  - be it a Christian guy or Christian lady - it is important to maintain a healthy and honest relationship at the very start of your dating. If you have any past history - be it a sexual, mental, or physical - make sure your date knows this in advance. This does not mean that you should reveal your hidden secrets and past experiences on the very first date but after a gap of time. Once, you both are assured to have a long-term relationship and feel an urge to marry, go ahead and tell him/her the truth. Let your date know what type of relationship you had, how far did you go, and how many guys/ladies have you dated before that etc. And, if it’s about a serious illness or disease that you have/had, he/she deserves the whole right to know the truth.

Find the right time

Confessing about your mistakes has never been easy, especially for your date. You need to gather the courage to talk about your past. You can not predict how would your date react, but there is a factor that can save you from the negative consequences - the correct time. If you want your date to accept you with his/her whole heart, do tell her about your past mistakes but at right time. The ideal time would be after 5 o 6 months of your dating. If you have served this much of time with your date and are confident enough to marry him/her, go ahead with the confession. 

Do not Force

Once you are done with your part, let him/her decide what to do. If your date feels that he/she can carry the baggage of your past throughout the life, that's great. But, in case he/she refuses to stay, do not force.  You may scream, plead, and force him/her to stay with you for that time but in future, the negative consequences of your past will definitely affect your personal life. Hence, it would be better if you let your date decide what to do and if he/she is not fine with your past, do not force. Let it go. Maybe God has saved someone else who would be ready to carry the baggage of your past without any hesitation and guilt.