How to Drop Hints that You are LGBT

How to Drop Hints that You are LGBT

Interested in girls but do not know how to express? Do not worry and get along with us in this article. Get to know about 3 ways to drop hints that say you are different. Learn about the right approach to talk about these topics.

So, let’s get started.

Talk about your interests

Verbal communication is by far the best method to express your inner feelings and emotions. You can let another person know about your interests by using the right words at the right time. Does it mean you need to blow the trumpet of being LGBT? No, you shouldn’t. No doubt, LGBT community has started getting acceptance in today’s modern society and culture but still, there are people who see LGBT community with a different eye. If you really think that your friends, your family, or the person you are interested in, should know who you are, start at a slower pace.

First, drop hints that you are a bit different. Talk about people you find attractive. For example, if it’s your best friend whom you want to share your hidden secret, tell her something like this:

Hey!! Did you see Anna today? She was sitting just next to me in the class. She is damn hot. I could just get lost in her beautiful eyes.

You can also show your support and interest for LGBT celebs. While doing basic conversation with your friends you can simply put your point that reflects that you are one of them.

Talk about Dating

Dating is a very generic topic. You can talk about this with your friend, your sister, or even a stranger whom you met a few days back. Start with their personal experience in dating. For example, if it's your sister with whom you want to share this secret, you can tell her something like this:

Your friend Anna, how is she doing. She is damn gorgeous, as perfect as anyone would ever want. I’d love to find a woman to date who is just as gorgeous as her.

And, if you want it to be gender specific, say this:

For me, intelligence is the most important thing in dating. I’m not interested in gender.

Doing so, you will drop a clear hint that you are not straight and may belong to the LGBT community.

Be clear when someone straight tries to hit on you

If you are at a bar and standing alone with a drink, any straight guy can come to you and ask to buy you a drink or two. He cannot judge what’s going inside because he doesn’t know that you are a lesbian. So, the best way to tell him who you are, be straight with your words and looks. Tell him directly that he is not of your type. Say something like this: You are definitely not of my type. This would surely drop him a hint that you are not interested.

The Takeaway

There are many ways to show the world who you are but the best three of them have been explained in this article. There is no shame in expressing your inner thoughts and emotions. All you need to is, use the right wording, be clear with your thoughts , and drop hints whenever you get a chance. But, remember not to do it excessively as your friends may not like it.

Hope this works for you.