How to Impress a Christian Guy

When it comes to impressing a guy for a date, Christians guys are the toughest one. They are the one with the purest heart, sharp mind, and a clean conscience. And, you know what they expect the same qualities from their date/significant other. That’s why it is not easy to impress a Christian guy, especially for a date.

To help you out, we are here with a few things that can help you impress him. Go through the article and learn what can you do to make him fall in love with you.

Here’s a quick guide.

Put God before anything

Dating a Christian guy means you are agreeing to be with someone who values God. As his partner, he expects the same dedication and faith as much he has. If you cannot do that, it would be better to take a step back because for Christian singles, there’s nothing more special, important, and precious than God.

Show him your confident side

Not this one goes for even non-Christians guys. Men like girls who are confident enough to make their own decisions. The way you conversate, the way you carry your clothes, and the approach you take to meet him first will show how confident you are as a person.

Dress properly

If you think wearing revealing clothes will help you get attention, you are wrong. This really won’t work for at least Christian Singles. They are very down to earth guys who believe in a simple lifestyle. If you are a fashionista who loves flaunting her body, Christian guy would not be a great choice for you.

Be real

There is no guy on this earth who would date a woman who is unreal with her thoughts and emotions. Exaggerating things unnecessarily, doing weird things, and trying to be too smart shows that you are not behaving normally and there is something that you do not to come out. To be honest, no one like that. The best trick to impress the Christian guy is to be simple. Be what you are and behave accordingly. If you really want this relationship to go further, he must see the real you and the one you are trying to show him.

Less is better

If it’s not your first date, make sure you do not cross the limits. Any type of physical expressions that can make him feel uncomfortable should be strictly avoided. This is the foremost rule of Christian Dating which says respect and honors your date to make him/her comfortable. See him, observe him, and do what he is comfortable in.

The Takeaway

Dating a Christian guy is tough but it can be made simple with the right approach and mindset. There are certain things that you must know about Christian dating. The more you follow the rules, the sooner you will meet the guy of your dream. Through the content of this article, we have tried our level best to cover most important things you should consider when dating a Christian guy. Do follow them and let him know that you are the only woman who is made for him.

Hope this works for you.