Planning Your First Lesbian Dating

Planning Your First Lesbian Dating

Lesbian Dating is one of its kind and so as the emotions and feelings attached. Going too slow would make your date feel bored and going to quickly would make your date uncomfortable. Hence, it is imperative to start with the correct tone and approach when it’s your first woman-woman date. Afraid of what will happen and out to deal with tricky situations? Let us help.

Get along with this article and learn about 3 golden rules you should follow before heading out for your D-date.

Let’s get started.

Plan Early

No matter how you met her - online or offline, if it’s your first date, things have to be planned early. From choosing the venue to choosing the dress that looks best on you, everything has to be planned early so that you do not struggle with the last-minute hassles. After all, the first impression is the last impression and you won’t be liking to see it ruined.

Do Not Overthink

Planning early for your first date does not mean that you have to delve deep into it. No, not at all. Overthinking is harmful and you must understand this well. There are things that you can not plan and have no control over their happenings and delays. For example, you won’t have any idea how would she react to see you? You cannot predict what will be her first sentence after looking at you? Hence, plan but don’t overthink for your first date because at the end of the day she is also a woman and would probably be going through same thoughts and emotions.

Ditch the Femme/Butch Stereotypes

If you are new to these terms, let’s first understand what they are meant for. Femmes are strong and masculine women who are comfortable with both men and women. No matter with whom she shares her bed - a man or a woman - she is known to give her best. When she is with a woman, she enjoys playing her lesbian games and when she is with a man, she fits totally into his world and loves him as a true partner.

Talking about another stereotype that is famous in the lesbian world - Butches. A Blue Jean Femme is a lesbian who no doubt, belong to the feminine world but prefers jeans and more casual clothing to sexy dresses and skirts.

These are the two types of girls you would see on any online lesbian dating site. If you are new to lesbian dating, these two terms will be the most common things that you will get to hear again and again. This is because in earlier days lesbians used to date either with a Femme or A Butch. But today, there are no such laws that restrict your interest. If you see a lady other than Butch and femme more attractive, just go for it. You can ditch this Butch/Femme stereotype to enjoy your first lesbian dating.

The Takeaway

These were a few things that one should know before planning their first lesbian date. Quintessential things like planning early, dressing up right, ditching overthinking and stereotypes should be on your checklist to have a dream, lesbian date. Try following these ideas and the results will surely amaze you.

Hope this works for you.