3 Christian Dating Myths You Should Ignore

Let’s explore some myths that people assume to be gospel about Christian dating.

Myth 1: There is only one woman that God has picked out for you. You are destined to marry her under the guidance of God.

We are humans and we cannot get anything without hard work. For every need and desire, one has to put some efforts on his own. But, unfortunately, there are some Christians who take certain things guaranteed. If you believe in God and his will, it is great. But relying on him for every little and big thing is wrong and we have to admit it. When it comes to dating, some Christians tend to take a step back assuming God will send a signal at the right time. This is not faith, this is the biggest excuse that shows you are lazy and non-proactive kind of person. Here, we are not saying that God does not have a will regarding your dating life. He has and he always steers his followers toward their love. But the Bible does not promise that you will find the love of your life while you sit around and do nothing. No, not at all. You need to put some efforts on your own. God can only guide you in the right direction but the final step has to be taken by you only.

Myth 2: Dating rules and regulations have been defined in the Bible and we must follow them

This is a myth because people did not date in biblical times. At that time, a man used to have only three options: Remaining single for a lifetime, an amoral life with multiple partners, or an arranged marriage. There was nothing that looks like what we call dating today. Hence, if you think that Bible will let you learn about Christian dating rules and regulations, you are wrong. This is a myth and you should admit it. Dating has been socially accepted only after the 20th century and before that people used to follow strict courtship rituals that govern the path to arrange marriage, not dating. Hence, it’s up to you how to proceed with your dating life. You are the one will decide what to talk, pray, and express. You will make mistakes but that’s how life goes.

Myth 3: There must be friendship bond before you plan to date her

Some men do not have the courage to pop the “will you date me”question. Hence, they decide to first befriend her, know her likes dislikes, wait for the right moment, and at last excess their love. Many of us have done this and have attained their goals. But, what about those who have actually passed the ball to another person. Haven’t you heard about some cases wherein a guy be friends with the lady he is interested in, get her out for rides, call her every day and night, but finally loses her just because he hasn’t proposed her. He lacked the courage to tell her that he loves her but someone had. If you do not want this to happen in your case, tell her with no delays. Express her you love before anyone does.

Hope this works for you.