The 5 Signs Of A Serious Relationship You Should Look After

The 5 Signs Of A Serious Relationship


What is the way to know if your love is moving forward at the same pace as life? How to tell if your love is transforming into a butterfly from its caterpillar stage? Are there some signs of it? Are there some ways to recognize it? If there are ways, then what are those ways? How can we know them? Questions like these may pop into your head when you suddenly look at your partner once in a while and though they must be sitting in their SpongeBob square pants shorts. You still find them the hottest in the world. Is this your clue that your relationship is serious? 

Well! Do not worry. We have got you covered, and we have the question to satisfy your curiosity to let you know if your partner is serious about the relationship. So, read below about the signs necessary for you to learn about the seriousness of your relationship. And if you do not see these signs in your relationship, do not worry; it takes time. Just believe in the process of love, and voila! You are good to go. 


1. You can read their gestures

By this, it is not meant that, suddenly, you manifest such powers that you get the ability to know what is going inside their mind, and you can easily spell it out. Reading their gestures means you know them so well that just by mere gestures, you can tell what kind of emotions they are going through. Even if they pretend to be different in front of someone else, you know them and your partner knows you so well that you can understand each other without saying anything. This is one sign of a serious relationship. You need to be aware of each other's emotions, even if you do not always tell them out loud. 

Being able to understand each other's emotions in such a manner is a sign of a solid bond, and sometimes this bond doesn't need to be old. Sometimes, with certain kinds of people, you form these types of bonds or understanding in a few days, and then you wonder if you knew that person from your past life or something. If you know they are sad, even if they are smiling in front of you or your friends, then count yourself among those lucky people in a serious relationship with their partners. 


2. The dark side is in light

If you feel like you have a partner from whom you do not need to hide anything, to whom you can show your old scars, your closet's skeleton, your brain-chained monsters, and the breathing fears of your mind, then you are in the right place. One who is willing to accept to see all those without trying to avert their gaze and loving you in the same manner as they had before when they knew you only as another human being which seems perfect to them. Then it is also a sign that you are in a serious relationship. You do not feel like concealing yourself when you are serious with someone or when someone else is serious with you. They also do not shy away from exposing themselves in front of you.


PD You can read their gestures


In a serious relationship, your skin is not the only part of your body that is revealed to your partner. But your brain and heart are equally exposed in front of your partner. So, they can similarly love every part of you, and the same goes for you. Therefore it is essential to know your partner's heart, not just skin deep, if you are looking for anything serious with the love of your life. You need to understand them at all levels, whether physical, emotional, or mental. When you are open about your needs and wants with your partner, your relationship will undoubtedly turn on the serious side, where you will be comfortable with each other. 


3. You two will do

When you are serious with each other, you do not need anything else to feel happy with each other. Just the mere presence is enough. It does not mean you will hear violins playing in the background or angels singing while flowers seem to shower from the sky when they are around you. But there will be contentment, just in their presence. You will feel more content when they are around you and more comfortable. And you will seek them when they are not around. You may feel slight dissatisfaction when they would not be around you. When you are serious with someone, you feel a kind of safety and happiness in being with that person. 

You feel free and supported. You feel like you achieve anything and everything if that person is standing beside you, and you want to see them standing beside you on every pedestal of life. And in a serious relationship, it happens too. Partners stand with each other no matter the situation, whether it's joyous summer or gloomy winter. They are stuck together as one. And this unity helps you feel the safety in the relationship. All your feelings and emotions are distributed equally between each other. That's how you pave your way into a beautiful future. 


4. You build a future together

All your plans are made after considering each other in the plan. Making a plan that doesn't include them becomes impossible because you feel you are missing the essential part of the plan. You build a lot together, and it's not just the things but the future that you shape together, the idea of a future that may be shaped according to your dreams and which have them. Also, your memories are included in the list too. You make memories with each other while planning your future while being in the present. And sometimes you even wonder why they were not in your past. 


PD You build a future together


And you also do even the minor things with them, like vacation plans. You need them by your side every time. You need to hear their opinions, advice, and wishes before taking a step because that's how you put things together. The puzzles never seem complete if their piece is missing, and that's why you seek them every time. Suppose you find yourself yearning for their presence in your future and see a bright and healthy outcome in your relationship. In that case, it is time to put a note of seriousness on it. 


5. You maturely resolve conflicts

This means you do not throw your hands when you agree or disagree with each other. On the other hand, because you have a deep understanding of each other, even when you are upset, you try to reconcile. You find ways to get back to them without hurting yourself and them. Perhaps, there may be some blunders that they made, and you made. Still, when you are alone, you both try to reflect on your mistakes rather than creating a wall of ego between each other and waiting for them to come to you to apologize for their mistake. You try to find ways to reconnect, make amends and establish a bond like before. When you find yourself in a healthy and non-toxic relationship free of abuse, it is a sign that you have the right partner and your relationship is moving in a serious direction. 

You find ways to communicate with each other, and sometimes you do not even need words to do that. Some small actions help the two to fix the tarnished bond. And it's because you know each other well that you know what actions may cheer your partner. You always find ways to be together even after a big fight. The separation due to the conflict only hurt you because of the distance between you. 



A serious relationship needs serious efforts to be made from both sides equally. That's how a serious relationship works. Constant efforts from one side only may turn a serious relationship into a non-serious one. It may lose its spark. Hence, to keep the relationship serious, your partner and both efforts are needed. And you can put work into those efforts if you have the right relationship advice. And to get the correct type of relationship advice. You don't need to seek somewhere far when you can get it on your fingertips and mobile screens. Just visit, and you have the tips you need.