Dating 101: How To Recognize Guys You Should Avoid Dating

 Avoid Dating

Love is blind but is it that blind that you do not see the pattern, the hints, the sign of a toxic partner? It's not your fault when you cannot recognize your partner's toxic traits. Because dating has been glorified to such an extent in this era, even the toxic characteristics of guys in a relationship are seen as romantic or admirable. 

But just because the traits are seen as romantic and admirable does not mean you need to normalize them and give them a pass. On the other hand, they can limit your freedom, make you feel worthless, lower your self-esteem, and put you in a helpless mental state. These kinds of relationships can become the reason for lifelong trauma and fears that even if the correct type of relationship comes your way, your anxiety may make you reject that relationship. Therefore, this blog will tell you what kinds of guys you should avoid dating. 


1. Sees you as a puppet


Have you seen any of your friends not wearing a certain dress because her boyfriend told her not to? Or a friend who has 50 missed calls on her phone from her boyfriend because she was busy and couldn't pick up the phone. Your friends may tell you how lucky they feel because their boyfriends are very protective and caring. But that is where you need to rethink the situation once again. These are not the signs of protective or loving nature but the exact opposite. These are the signs of controlling behavior. 

As an adult, you choose what you want to wear. You also possess the ability to protect yourself. So, don't let a guy fool you, telling you it's for your protection. Fifty missed calls is also a warning sign because a guy should understand if a girl is not picking up his phone, and she must be busy. A guy who controls you doesn't see you as a partner but as his property or puppet who needs to do everything according to him. When the girl does not do things according to him, he blames her, criticizes her, and shames her, putting her into guilt. So, when you encounter a guy like that, you first need to run as far away from him as possible. 


2. The ghost


When we talk about "The Ghost," we are talking about the guys who love to ghost you and will only respond to you when they need you. These guys are selfish and want their interests fulfilled. They do not take your feelings into consideration at all and like to toy with your emotions. They make a lot of excuses as to why they were unavailable, and some of these excuses may seem legit, but these ghosting processes become frequent. Sometimes they even refuse to recognize you publicly and have a bad excuse for it. This may be detrimental to your emotional state and make you think you are not good enough or a capable girlfriend.

When they need you, they will become the sweetest, kind, and most caring guys in the world who will tell you how much you mean to them. But then, when they do not need you, they will not even bother to read the message you sent 2 days back until one night they feel like they want to talk to you again. They don't need to use you only for their sexual advantages, but sometimes you are even used by them to dump their emotional baggage on you. But don't be fooled by such guys. They have no genuine interest in you. So, don't let these types of guys mess with the peace of your mind. 


3. Mr. Jealous Beans


Jealousy is not as sweet and romantic as it is shown in K-dramas. On the other side of the coin, it is problematic. Yes! Jealousy is difficult in a relationship. Sometimes jealousy forces you to make boundaries between yourself and people you care about, for example, your guy friends. And what is the reason for that? Because your boyfriend is jealous of your friends. He might go to extended lengths of even cutting you off from your friends and isolating you from any social space because of his jealous nature.

You cannot put one relationship at stake for the sake of the other. Relationships are built on the pedestal of trust; hence there is no place for jealousy and doubt. Sometimes, this jealousy becomes the reason for your privacy being violated by your partner. They want your social media account password because they do not trust you enough. They may say they care about you, but don't let these sweet words betray you. If you do not give them your password, you become a partner hiding something from your partner. But your right to privacy is something that matters. Also, if misunderstandings come in a relationship, it leads to mistrust. They should be addressed through communication, not by applying boundaries and unnecessary control. So leave a guy who tells you not to talk to your friends just because he is jealous as soon as possible. 


3. One with emotional barriers


Guys who have emotional barriers will never let you into their hearts. These types of guys have a hard time trusting people. They will be in a relationship with you and pretend to love you but will never be able to open up to you about their feelings. The most essential thing in a relationship is communication. Still, these guys find it hard to talk about their feelings. They might appear wholly closed off and not share what is on their minds, leaving you perplexed and overthinking.

It creates a bridge between a couple. These types of guys will also be unable to cater to your emotional needs when you want them to. It will be hard for them to decipher your feelings, and you will feel their absence even when you are with them. And that is why these types of relationships cause problems in the long run. 


4. The guy who doesn't understand boundaries


Relationships should come with respect. And that respect applies to the boundaries you have set as well. A guy should be respectful to you and the limits you have selected. Sometimes you need time to trust a person before getting sexually involved or emotionally open to them. And it's completely alright for you to want that. In such a situation, a guy who forces his own interest or opinion upon you is not the right kind of guy. 

A guy telling you your boundaries don't matter, or there's nothing like personal boundaries in a relationship is a big red flag that you should avoid at any cost. A couple doesn't need to always agree on the same thing, but there should be an effort to understand each other. If you do not see that effort and constant pressure to do something you do not want to do. Then it's time to put an end to such a relationship. 


5. Stuck in stereotypes


This type of guy still believes century-old stereotypes, who consider your profession doesn't matter or doesn't need to cook food because it's your job to feed him. This type of guy will never let you grow and will be permanently dependent on you for his needs because he believes your purpose is to serve him and be the housewife like those mediocre, sexist sitcoms. He thinks you are dependent on him, and it's him who should have a hold over you. This is not only toxic, but such prolonged behaviors from your partner will make the situation appear normal to you, and you would end up complying with it. 

He will remind you of the things he has done for you constantly, and he believes you should be grateful for the efforts he has put in for you. And this type of thinking makes a person feel suffocated in a relationship. Therefore it is better to stay a mile away from such guys too. 




Finding the right guy is not an easy task but also not impossible. Suppose you have the right dating advice and know the right way to date. Learning about the dating world will help you tackle the obstacles you may face while dating. Therefore, do not worry about any advice or doubt related to dating. Check out for more such blogs on dating tips and advice.