7 Christian Dating Principles You Need To Know

Christian Dating

Christians are expected to follow a higher moral framework, and they usually follow the fundamental concepts when tackling this topic because the world is moving against Biblical teachings on dating. Dating is an important topic that might lead to a life-altering decision, and marriage is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Knowing how to date appropriately is essential for laying a solid basis for marriage. Nonetheless, it's challenging to step back from distractions and find common ground on which to start a relationship when you're looking for your soulmate.

Finding your soulmate in a believer will enlighten you more in your Christian morals and give you a safe space to carry out your journey with peace. The following Christian dating principles will help you be the person you are and find that perfect person of faith to spend your life with! 


1. Be faithful to God and yourself.


The first rule of Christianity is to entirely devote yourself to God before seeking a relationship with a person. God should be the first priority in your life before setting your mind and heart on someone else. When you are faithful religiously, you will find yourself being your best version, and this will help you lead a happy married life after your dating period. God himself is the ultimate center of relationships, and therefore a lot of divorces and mishaps happen in relationships that are not true to their morals and beliefs. 

The first step in being close to God is through Baptism. Baptism symbolizes a person's commitment to God. Before looking for a companion, you should consider becoming baptized. Baptism gives you access to the Holy Spirit, and it's preferable to make life-altering decisions while you already have the Spirit.


2. Be true to who you are.


Allow no one, including yourself, to transform into anyone else. It's critical to remain loyal to yourself and what you believe in. Consider what aspects of your personality would benefit someone else. It's common to be so focused on what you want from someone that you overlook what you have to offer. So, before you start making that list of your ideal partner, look at yourself. 

Try to be the best version of yourself to the world, for an attractive personality catches the eyes of a person you are looking to spend your life with. When you are dating a Christian girl or guy, you most definitely want them to admire your faithfulness to God and yourself, making you stand out amongst the crowd. You can keep expectations from your ideal person but at a low bar. When you ponder too much into looking for the traits in a person, we often tend to be disappointed and stray away from our morals of not being loyal and finding that missing piece in every other person. 


3. Do not date to convert.


Often, Christians like to boast about how they successfully converted their spouse and brought them the benefits of believing and going to Church. One thing to note is that this is an entirely wrong approach as the Church never forces anyone to join them. Christianity does not condemn forcible conversion as it is a religion seeking and giving peace and comfort with open arms. Everyone is welcomed regardless of their age, gender and principles. You need to keep this thought out of your head if you are looking to try bringing devotees to the Church via dating if that is not your partner's wish. Instead, look for like-minded people of the same religion to make the best out of your love life. 


4. Seek true love and a committed relationship.


It's easy to be blinded by various emotions, especially when young. People learn to hold on to who they are as they become older and distinguish sincere love from false appearances. Maintaining a semblance of self-control and allowing love to lead you on the correct route is critical. It will not be simple to pick true love and reject temptations at first, but this capacity will save you time and effort in the long run and provide you with a proper understanding of what love should be. True love also does not mean to love-bomb your partner. One should understand the line between loving and obsessing. 

Sexual needs and intimacy are crucial parts of a relationship. Still, one must understand that such relationships with no solid ground for a marital future tend to be viewed as wrongful and unacceptable. Try to refrain from committing to any intimate relationship until marriage if you're looking for the ideal Christian dating partner in today's generation. You know you are walking the right path when you love a person for who they are and not for the cravings. 


5. Be kind and patient.


Time plays an essential factor in revealing how far your relationship will go and whether you are just fascinated with your partner or is it true love by God's will. Give it time and space, and be patient when trying to find true love in Christianity. Before entering into a serious relationship or exclusive dating, we must first prepare and complete several tasks. Physically, emotionally, financially, and, most importantly, spiritually, the person should be ready to give and take in a healthy manner. 

You must also learn to be kind to others. Christianity is all about being kind and forgiving. It is essential not to let your anger always lead the way and ruin the relationships around you and for yourself. It will be unfair to your partner if you expect kindness from them when they are rude and misguided. Seek help from counselors, meditate and connect to God to calm your anger and find the root cause to remove it from your life. When you make peace with yourself and lead a life full of kindness, you will find your dating life smooth and fruitful. 


6. Date to marry your spouse.


There is no reason to date if you are not willing to marry if you are a Christian. When you date to get married, you date for a specific reason and demonstrate your Bible knowledge. Anyone who does something should know why they are doing it, and dating will be no exception. It doesn't mean you should only date one person in your life; instead, you should date people who share your faith, values, and ideas. You must realize that having the incorrect aim and reason for dating is a recipe for disaster. It would be best if you dated with a purpose rather than carelessly.

Today's generation would find casual sex and flings just a daily routine of their dating life, but you must know your morals and principles as a Christian. Dating is not supposed to be restricted only to marriage, but it is a great way to know someone perfect for you enough to settle down and lead a happy life with them. So know what you want and what you wish to be given when in a relationship and if you want things to get serious. A great way to start dating is to find someone of your same faith to have common grounds to talk about and share. 


7. Follow your beliefs and principles.


One of the most crucial aspects of Christian dating principles is to be true to your religion and its morals. Ask yourself why you are Christian and what connects you to the Lord above. When you live with the answer you have for yourself, it will be easier to implement this ideology in your dating life. 

Let your deeds speak and highlight what you expect from the relationship according to your beliefs and principles, and be open about it to your spouse. You will be transformed by reading and memorizing the Christian scriptures. Request that God instills His truth in your heart. Through the prism of scripture, you'll never see yourself more clearly. So schedule a time to read the Bible. Before you start dating, pray for God to investigate your heart and disclose any places in your life where He wants to make you more like Christ. Your Christian dating life will be full of peace and bounty when connected to your spiritual self. 


Dating life is not easy, but it becomes more fruitful and open when you connect yourself with Christianity and God. Finding the ideal date in a religious set up is often tricky due to many misconceptions surrounding narrow-mindedness and false speeches. We hope the few Christian dating principles stated on this blog help you explore yourself and your religion and find the perfect suitor for a blissful journey in love. For more tips and advice on Christian dating and finding an ideal date, visit perfect10dating.com!