How To Impress A Christian Guy: Top Tips And Advice

Christian Guy

We live in this misconception that dating within a particular belief or religion has its own sets of rules to imply regardless of whether love is involved. This is quite a wrong take on love, relationships, and commitments within religion. Often, people try to convince you to believe that God does not sit up there to keep track of your love life or even acknowledge it. Still, whether platonically or romantically, "love" is what links a human to another and to God. This is what a genuine Christian man would portray rather than get wooed by worldly materials. 

You could think that attracting a guy of faith entails being submissive, constantly reciting the name of God, seeming tiny and meek, and wearing extremely modestly to no longer expose any skin. That is not what attracts a genuine Christian guy; instead, being false will drive him away from you. You need a man of faith who understands why he is Christian and his purpose, who makes you understand the true meaning of life. Here, we have listed 7 things that would make you look attractive to a Christian guy! 


1. Be upfront and confident in yourself.


One misleading factor that is instigated in the minds of Christian women is that the more submissive you appear, the more appealing you are to a man of faith. A true Christian man would rather have a woman with self-confidence and belief in herself. To appear presentable to a so-called narrow-minded human, you need not abide by these unwanted and ridiculous prejudices. 

God made you one of a kind, and He has faith in what you are and who you want to be. When you live up to these remarks, you will find yourself attracting any Christian man with a sense of justice and truthfulness. Many Christian women are forced into acting or behaving a certain way because that is what their families believe is right according to God. These misbelieving stem from the misinterpretation of the Bible contexts. Instead, God made you in a way no one else can be. Be bold, accept your flaws, and dress like you want to

When you portray your uniqueness amongst the crowd of chanters, you'll find yourself catching the eyes of a true Christian man.


2. Love Yourself.


One key aspect of any commitment or relationship is self-love. You need to keep in mind that you can only devote yourself to someone when you have a love for yourself. When you accept and love who you are, you open doors to a healthier and more comfortable relationship. 

How can you start to love yourself if you do not know what to love? Everything about you makes you different from the crowd. This includes your intelligence, hobbies, talents, and features. You need to remember that God did not create humans for perfection. We all come with our flaws, be it on external appearances or lacking talents. There is still something special in all of us and things we are good at. Make sure to focus on that and enhance your capabilities.  

Self-esteem is also another essential facet Christian women need to emphasize. You should not mold yourself into a different person just for religion. Such things will only make you bitter toward yourself, leading to unhappy relationships or appearing grim and low to Christian men. Forgive, let go, and forget. Cultivate a positive outlook for the person you are. Love wholeheartedly who you are born to be and be expressive with your love and devotion to yourself first because you are the God of your mind and body. These key things will make you stand out more to a Christian man.


3. Understand your ideology.


The first question that should occur is why you are a Christian and your purpose in this religion. If you're in a dilemma of not being able to answer these questions, then it's time to reflect on your teachings and how deeply you understand Christianity. The Church has its way of preaching differently to men and women, mostly leaving the philosophical teachings and understanding to men. It would be best if you took hold of this, learned your importance in this world, and have your point of view. 

Question your ideology, ask why you have your beliefs, what attaches you to God and Christianity, and why this religion is essential to your growth and success. You can start this by going back to the roots of the scriptures and interpreting the meanings of verses in your way to empower your spirit and strengthen your faith in the Lord. It gets easier to connect to fellow members and start a conversation with a Christian man with this. Religion and ideology are a great way to bond over God's words and start your romantic story!


4. Be kind and respectful.


Suppose you are someone who appreciates and respects everyone around you. In that case, it reflects your personality and character, which is very attractive to men and is something that Christian men look for in a woman. Kindness is the greatest gift given to humans by God, and a simple act of kindness can change lives and improve society. When you are kind to yourself and your surroundings, it is easier for you to accept and forgive, a key to a healthy relationship. 

When you are rude and disrespectful, it just comes off as a wrong impression to people, and the man will assume he would be given the same treatment when in a relationship. It's worth noting that Christianity is all about spreading love and charity, which is exactly what a man would want from a devout woman. Be kind, be respectful to those you are in need and those who deserve it. You are not obliged to treat someone poorly if offered the same treatment. When you forgive and move on from such situations, you shine out more, which attracts men of such type towards you.


5. Put your beliefs into action.


Now that you have a good sense of why you are a Christian, you might wonder how I should live out my faith? The answer is to be the way Jesus was. Kind, compassionate, loving, and to serve the ones who need your presence and help. There is nothing more charming to a Christian man than a woman rooted in her religion and beliefs. This does not mean that you put your beliefs into action only on the Church premises, but you can start spreading the word of God and his love for his children all around you in a humble way. Being grateful for the things you are given or even thanking your delivery person is enough to showcase what you are taught at Church. 

Not living your philosophical teachings is worth nothing if they are meant to rust inside you. Be upfront about who you are and what Christianity has done for you to change you into a better human. When you live, laugh, and love with God in your heart and mind, you indeed will be accompanied by a great Christian man who shares your theology and thoughts.


6. Become the person you want to be.


A man of God will know a woman devoted to her religion and faith. It is useless to pretend to be of faith and carry out good deeds to gain attention if the real you is nowhere near what you claim to be, as this will drive you away from a true Christian man. Be who you are, be open about it, and be emotional and sensitive and expressive; there is no wrong in doing so. When you connect your soul to God, a man of faith is likely to notice you and take an interest in you. Live in a way where good doings surpass every misleading word about you because that is who you are. 

Give yourself to God, keep Him as your priority, and then yourself. When you do, you'll meet a man who is just as devoted to you and admires you for your character and persona rather than your appearance.


7. Be courageous and wise.


One important thing that will make you stand out amongst the others to a man of God is being strong and wise. This does not mean being physically strong but mentally courageous. Strength comes from knowing your ground and being solid where your feet land, and not letting society change who you are or your morals. It means remaining true to your philosophy, principles, and even personal styles. You should be able to show that you are not someone to be run over by a man but rather stand side-by-side. 

Seeking wisdom will significantly benefit you in attracting a great man and exempting you from false news and ideologies. Proper understanding taught by the Bible is devotion to the Almighty and respecting every individual around you. Let your courage and wisdom take the form of body language, speech, and actions, for these are the traits that swoon Christian men into falling for a woman like you!


Wrapping up:

Now that you know the tips and tricks in the book to woo the Christian man of your dreams, you might as well wonder where to take them on your first date! To plan the perfect evening for you and your lovebird, visit for complete information, guides, and advice!