What Are Some Must-Know Practical Dating Tips For Shy Guys?

shy guys

Today, society has advanced to a stage where there is an overabundance of choices. Whether it's ice cream flavors or fashion, people appreciate having a lot of choices to select from. There's a flavor for everyone, and as the rule of demand equals supply establishes, there are people for every flavor! Before we get into our list of dating tips for shy guys, let's quickly discuss what that means. A lot of shy guys believe that their introverted nature means it'll be hard for them to date successfully. But as we have just established, they are entirely wrong! We live in a society where global awareness, modern media, marketing, and the entertainment industry have shaped people's tastes to be more inclusive and allowed more freedom of expression, preference, and behavioral inclination.


So, if you're a shy, introverted guy who believes that dating will be hard for him, we're here to tell you that's not the case.


Reasons why girls like shy guys


There are all kinds of girls who prefer to date shy guys. For some, it's even a fantasy inspired by their favorite book or show! Dating is primarily about exploring your romantic compatibility with someone of the opposite gender. Depending on their own personality, there are many different reasons why girls like shy guys. Before we get into dating tips for shy guys, it's essential to let you know some of the reasons why girls like them.


  1. They can be good listeners and usually don't like to dominate conversations.
  2. They can be emotionally aware and grounded.
  3. Shy guys can show close attention to detail.
  4. Shy guys usually aren't competitive in a relationship.
  5. They can be mysterious and offer their partners a lot to learn and explore in a relationship.
  6. Shy guys can learn to express themselves through loving actions rather than words.
  7. They can also seem endearing when they challenge themselves and make an effort for their date.
  8. Shy guys can be easy to open up to and make girls feel at ease. 
  9. The men can be very polite, and they don't wish to be the center of attention.
  10. Shy guys can be more available than outgoing and extroverted guys with a dedicated friends circle.
  11. They can offer sound advice, as they are usually good listeners and deep thinkers.
  12. Many girls love it when their shy boyfriend gets nervous and tongue-tied around them. (Some even particularly enjoy being the reason why!)


Learn to love all of yourself


If the above list made you seem like we were touting some of your weaknesses as your strengths, you're absolutely right! Whether it's a job interview or a first date, your chances of success depend heavily on how well you know how to market yourself, especially your vulnerabilities. Knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and turning your weaknesses into strengths is the supreme law of the concrete jungle that we live in.


With all these social media platforms, cultural and aesthetic representation, fashion and accessory trends, and whatnot, we are used to people showcasing themselves and their strengths to the world. What that means is that people don't easily get to connect through their vulnerabilities, which is much more intimate. As a shy guy, being aware of yourself and utilizing both your strengths and vulnerabilities to offer an authentic expression of yourself can help you be more at ease and make them feel welcome, and help them better bond with you. You need to love yourself first for someone to fall in love with you.


Practical dating tips for shy guys 


1. Establish your mindset


Communicating and socializing with girls is not a win or lose situation. Like most things in life, it is a process with a learning curve. This process starts with believing in yourself and putting yourself out there. You have to be willing to learn from experience and earn your prize. Putting in conscious effort is half the job done, and as the great poet Alexander Pope put it, "To err is human." Let's remember that.


2. Girls can be shy too


Thinking of the girl you're looking to date and dating itself as something larger than life is a disservice to yourself and her. That doesn't mean you have to be scientific about it or put a stop to all the creative antics. No, it means that she's a person just like you too. It’s possible that she’s a shy person too! Once you acknowledge that and try to understand her, you'll already be more at ease with your approach. 


3. Don't be attached to the approval


"First impression is the last impression" is a good belief to follow when you're preparing for a job interview, but it won't get you far in other facets of life. The implied meaning here is that you won't get a second chance to make an impression if you mess up on your first date. But how can you get it if you quit after your first try? No one can give you a second chance if you don't give yourself one.


We all mess up in life and do stupid things at the wrong time or in front of people we'd rather not show our silly side to. Give people the opportunity to move past them. Don't expect failure. No one can make you feel loved if you don't love yourself enough to let them.


4. Socialize regularly


Socializing for shy men can be difficult because some guys feel that they are not good at starting conversations, and it also makes them feel like they don't know what to say.

Here are some simple tricks to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Keep your head up and look people in the eye.
  • Smile and make eye contact with people you find attractive.
  • Look for potential friends by making conversation with those around you.



To initiate a meaningful conversation with a girl, it is vital for you to feel confident, make eye contact with her, and approach her. Don't forget that many women find shy men attractive because they see them as mysterious and hard to get! Dating can seem challenging and complex to many. But with the right tips, advice, and resources, anyone can be successful at dating. Explore more of perfect10dating.com for helpful dating tips, advice, and resources.